Got some raves and some areas that needed attention. Been writing two posts/week for a while now to improve my writing. Each of them are doing poorly because I am not doing my homework. Your blog entries hit the nail on the head!. I worked at Vanguard with high-net worth clients for almost 2 years, and I am one step away from being a CFP and I know all sorts of calculators to use to help people know how much to save. Also, I am still licensed (Series 7 & 63).

It was way more solution oriented than I imagined. Although I received a confirmation that what I am offering is relevant, I was surprise to receive so much advise and help for my research and development. how to braid string in hair I have also realized that people are coming up with their own solutions so I wonder how well they will take to outside advice? Also wondering if they need more of a coaching approach than an online course.

You maybe interested in speaking to her tutor, she is great and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind sharing ideas. The psychological aspect of this was that when you put a restriction on a child they automatically want to go beyond it, perhaps the rebellion in them kicks in. Invariably the child will want to do more and day the 15 minutes time limit and it becomes 20, then 25 etc until they want to practice without being told or prompted. I would love a course like that because I’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds over the years on lessons without any real progress, enthusiasm or commitment from my child. A course for parents whose child won’t practice their musical instruments, teaching them how to get their child to enjoy practice. I got some unexpected feedback to potentially revise my idea .

It has totally changed my outlook and the people around me are always asking me for what they should do. Both in terms of exercise and healthy eating. I starting out with walking for 1 hour every day. Then I found that HIIT for 1/2 worked (that’s the only time I have – lunch time at work with time to shower). I have been giving people suggestions on how they can change 1 small thing in their daily routine to make a difference. Priority of marketing and course subjects needs to be based on what will produce their desired results most effectively.

The tutorials would give backyard gardeners a deeper understanding of why some things work while others don’t, and give gardeners the confidence to make decisions based on their own situation. The two people that I talked about don’t care about small project and the accomplishment feeling. All they want is to know and feel the power to create a real website!