There are more shops to explore and to exchange for goodies. There are over 80 mini quests that will extend the fun of the main storyline. The graphics and animations are better and sharper than the Original. During battles, there are only three Yo-Kai on the playing field out of six in total, but you are able to rotate in the others at any time. Hungry ghosts are different from the ghosts of Chinese which all people are believed to become after death. Look around the trees there for a rank D to appear on your watch.

Desire, greed, anger and ignorance are all factors in causing a soul to be reborn as a hungry ghost because they are motives for people to perform evil deeds. If you are not sure what the Yo-kai Watch game is or haven’t played the original Yo-Kai Watch, let me explain. The storyline for this game has a stronger connection with the TV animation series.

Just like all the Jibanyans, he has amazing Speed by default. He makes for a great physical attacker, so train him with the Rough attitude. He has access to all of the very good Bell equipment, and he is from the Charm tribe, so he can get a little extra speed. Kyubi & Frostail- These are the only Spirit attackers that can compete with the Tengu duo in the post game. Instead of having an ability that makes their attacks stronger, they have an ability that makes it impossible for them to miss. This is good since it can free up a spot on your party to use a Yokai who doesn’t have Old Zone.

His skill also offsets his need to have a lot of attack power, because it raises his strength with each enemy he defeats. This is another Yokai who makes best use of the Vampiric Fangs. The Hungry Ghosts Scroll kept at the Kyoto National Museum depicts the world of the hungry ghosts and the suffering of these creatures, and contains tales of salvation of the ghosts.

Tengu & Flengu- These two are arguably the best Elemental attackers in the game. Both of them have abilities that greatly increases the damage of their Soultimate and Element attacks, and on top of that they have exclusive use of the Tengu Fan. They are also from the Mystery tribe, which gives them a Spirit bonus when they are next mama joan soul food menu to each other in battle. I think the sickest part about them is that they also have such high attack stats and good enough basic moves that they can double as mixed attackers. Since they are so versatile, there are a lot of attitudes that you can train them with. Flengu can also make good use of Twisted and Cruel attitudes.

She sat down for a series of interviews with Rudy Giuliani last year as he publicly defended himself and Trump during the impeachment proceedings. Chanel Rion of One America News Network asked President Donald Trump Thursday whether saying “Chinese food” is racist, and from there, the two moved on into trashing the media. 8- Repeat step 7 until you have found your desired Yokai with the desired stats, and then rinse and repeat to get the rest of the exclusive Yokai. Beetall & Cruncha- These two are definitely top tier physical attackers.

Players will also discover the mini-game “Yo-kai Watch Blasters” where they can team up with up to three friends while embodying one of their Yo-kai. My children have played with both versions and they love them both. They find this Yo-Kai Watch 2 much more fun and easy to navigate around the town using the touch screen. The Direction arrow is easier to see and it guides them to the quickest route.