Knowing that your partner can have anyone they want and do, but always come back to you—is a very potent and affirming situation. There is a part of the dynamic where the stag ‘reclaims’ the vixen after her fucking adventures. Totally agree that there’s an infinite spectrum to HotWife play. On our blog, I’ve written about the range of activities it can include, starting with dressing provocatively in public, or sharing fantasies in the bedroom – such as using a dildo to simulate an MFM scenario.

If you’re just into the hot sexual arousal of being married to an open-minded porn-star wife, then you’re more likely to be a stag husband who is into “hotwifing”. For that reason, it helps to call these men stags. They take pleasure in spousal infidelity and may participate in it on a limited basis. Unlike the cuckold, the stag’s enjoyment and excitement does not come from the shame, pain, guilt, or humiliation of the sex. He’s just insanely aroused by his wife’s body and her being pleased sexually by another man.

This arrangement can get confusing because the husband of a hotwife can still be called a cuckold. He’s married and monogamous to a woman who has consensual permission to have sex with other men. You might use the term “cuckold” to talk about any non-monogamous woman in a relationship with a man who stays sexually faithful to her. It’s convenient to have one word to cover the whole fetish. But in fact, these fantasies exist with a wide range of different flavors.

Interestingly, many Stags have no interest in sexual encounters with other women. IT’S certainly not for everyone, but some men get off watching their wife or girlfriend having sex with other men. Another scenario is that the Vixen has sex with a Bull outside of the couple’s shared abode. Stags get a kick watching their wife or girlfriend having sex with other men. Vixen Hotwife For Young Cock You’re all aware that Annie is a proud Vixen Hotwife.

I never imagined that those delights would come in so many different shapes and sizes. If I’m sharing my wife with another guy, that implies she’s mine and I’m able to make that decision. After all, I can’t share something that isn’t mine. And even though we all know sharing is caring, that expression implies you care about the person you are sharing with not the thing being shared. I have no desire to be locked in a chastity cage, but reading about how some wife keeps her husband locked up for days and then goes and fucks other people…damn! People enjoying their own kinks is super hot.

She fantasizes about being the center of attention of a gangbang, having a few guys just pass her back and forth and use her. She likes the idea of me being there, but she also really enjoys it when I just sit back and watch. When she can make eye contact and watch me jerk off. We’ve discussed her playing with her bull at a time when I’m not around; we just haven’t arranged it. I have a similar issue with the term cuckold in that there isn’t a word that defines the woman who is with a cuckold. However, there are terms in the BDSM vocabulary that work, like mistress.

Erotica featuring a hotwife plot still bears the cuckold label. I see people on message boards and forums stating very absolutely that any guy who lets his woman fuck gardner mass obituary another guy is a beta cuck bitch and deserves to be cheated on. These posters fail to see the difference between being cheated on and having a consensual threesome.