Before you plan to use your voodoo doll you will need to clear it of all previous energy, thus neutralizing it and giving you a clean slate to perform actions on it. To do this, place your hand over the object and direct your energy through it, focusing on making it new and pure. Because voodoo dolls can absorb energy from people who have used them, it is a good idea to never use someone else’s voodoo doll. A person can have however many voodoo dolls he or she wants.

I will be with you at all times, to bring you luck against the ickyness of everyday life. I will inspire you to get through the day without calamity or emotional meltdown. Watchover Voodoo is for fun and if by keeping one of these dolls with you it helps with any aspect of your life that that is a good thing. If Voodoo dolls are misused, karmic effects such as conflicts, accidents, depression, bad luck, death, etc. can happen to you. The rituals in West Africa or in Haiti or New Orleans involving dolls, however, have nothing to do with inflicting harm on individuals, deserving or not. When hung from trees in cemeteries, they are intended to open and maintain lines of communication between the recently departed.

For instance, a blue pin represents love, so sticking a blue pin into the doll’s heart would indicate your wish for the person to find love. For example, if you want to gain control over a person, prick the doll’s head with a red pin while how to make a ball joint doll focusing on the type of power you want to have over them. Whether you decide to use your voodoo doll for good or bad, reinforce your actions on the doll by praying to the spirits, or Loa, of Voodoo and lighting a candle in their honor.

The Minkisi have they have their own will and are considered very similar to people. The Minkisi imposes rules, and if you violate them, it can punish you.There are many different categories, both physical and metaphorical, in the Minkisi. The most important minkisi are vital agents of justice for whole communities in terms of wealth, justice and healing. During the Belgian colonization of the Kongo, Minkisi were severely repressed, firstly because they were considered pagan and secondly because they were considered dangerously powerful witchcraft. They were burnt or confiscated, and members of the military deemed them members of an opposing political force.

The idea of evil Voodoo dolls as seen in Hollywood horror films may be much younger, from the 1950s when thousands of “cashew dolls” were imported to the United States from Haiti. These were made of cashew shells, and had eyes made of the jequirity bean, a form of castor bean which when swallowed by young children can cause serious injury or death. The U.S. government issued a Public Health Warning in 1958, which said that the dolls were “lethal.” Please note that returned goods must be unused, undamaged and in their original condition . There are some items that due to hygiene reasons we cannot return or exchange unless faulty .

Voodoo practitioners believe that you can channel positive energy through a voodoo doll to help the person that the doll represents. To do this, try holding the doll while you concentrate on your wishes for the person, such as prosperity, happiness, or good health. You can also prick the doll with different pins representing your desires.