If your are the type that likes to carry a small amount of extra ammo or a handgun, then this is the magazine for you! This small magazine holds 10 rounds of.25 caliber ammo for your AR15 or 9mm. It is made of a durable, robust-looking polymer and a thin, lightweight polymer coated in matte black.

This is a lightweight polymer magazine that is made so it can easily be concealed in your pocket for concealment. It is also made of a durable, robust-looking polymer that is coated in an attractive matte black.

The magazine is made of a hard plastic that won’t scratch or mar your firearm. A lightweight plastic that is tough enough to withstand the occasional wear and tear of daily use. The black polymer coating is matte black that will not scratch or mar your firearm. The magazine is made for concealment and is a great way to stash extra ammo or a pistol.

As far as magazine size goes, this is a great choice. It is slim and compact enough to fit in your pocket or purse without the need for additional ammunition. Just pop it in and go.

This magazine is made by Walther Arms. They are a popular brand, and they offer a variety of magazines that are great for concealed carry and hunting. There are a variety of sizes that can be used, allowing you to choose the right one for the job and situation. They are made in the USA, and they are made from a combination of durable plastic and polymer.

For those looking for a compact magazine, Walther offers the M2, an M1, and the M4, which is like a M2 with a larger capacity and a much lower profile. The M2 is the most popular, but the M1 is also a good choice. The M4 is the one most people want. It is a great way to ensure that you always have a full-size, compact round to use, and it’s very easy to use.

Some folks just don’t like to carry extra magazines. They seem to be the people who keep their gun locked up in their closet and don’t use it. They may feel the need to keep it loaded and ready when they need it, but the reason they do this is because they feel like they can’t be absolutely certain that their weapon will fire, without knowing how long it’s been out of the holster.

Although it seems like a great way to keep a gun loaded, it is not an ideal way to carry a gun. A loaded firearm is a dangerous, dangerous thing. People who carry loaded firearms should keep their gun locked up and ready for use, because a loaded gun is a very dangerous thing, and you cannot be absolutely sure that your gun will go off, without knowing how many rounds you have left.

The perfect solution to the problem would be to make a magazine with a 10 round capacity. But they aren’t, and you can use what you have to work wonders for your gun. You might even wish to keep it loaded, just in case.

This walther pps m2 10 round magazine can be used for many purposes. With the capacity to hold 10 bullets, it is perfect for shooting a lot of small game and other animals. Or, just to load a lot of ammo into your gun, so you can always be prepared should you get out of range.