She is an extremely talented professor and deeply cares about her students. She lectures almost entirely in French, which is great for developing fluency. There is online homework due BEFORE class, 6 quizzes, 3 tests, 3 improv speaking activities, 3 papers and a final. This was my favorite class I took this semester, would really recommend. Identifying protocols for undergraduate students seeking to complete graduate level coursework. To find out more on how to access DPR, click here.

You can access your Zips email, your Student Account information – and everything in between – once you’re logged into My Akron.

Check out a side by side comparison of the two models operating in Ohio below. We also have the model from Extreme Engineering that travels up to 300′. Our portable zipline is on the right and not at full length. No other zip line product can be set up more easily or provide a safer, more controlled ride.

Having never done this before, and not knowing how frequently I would need this service, I set out to find a free service. What CocoDoc offers fit my 6th after zoom provided inaccurate ip needs perfectly and I was grateful to have found it. It was easy to figure out and use, even though it was my first time using one of these services.

Students that fail an exam must wait 30 DAYS before re-testing. Required exams must be successfully completed to earn licensure in the State of Ohio. To learn more about the Ohio Assessment for Educators exams, or, to register, click here.