The Annapolis campus, meanwhile, was turned into a United States Army Hospital. That the same condition exists as regards the universities is shown by the frequent discussions that appear as the value of the university-trained man compared with the man who has not had a higher education than grammar- or high-school. Perhaps the colleges can do no better than they are doing; at any rate the majority of executives are dubious as to any special advantage attaching to a college education. It has frequently been stated that a college graduate must spend as many years learning after he has graduated, as the man who enters the business world as a high-school graduate. Not only that, but he frequently has to unlearn some ideas that he absorbs in college. Red Beach – the red tiled plaza behind Memorial Hall on top of the wardroom in between 5th and 6th wings of Bancroft Hall, used as a place of formation for part of the brigade.

The academy roster outgrew the ship and it was retired. In August 2007, Superintendent Vice Admiral Jeffrey Fowler changed academy policy to limit liberty, required more squad interaction to emphasize that “we are a nation at war.” In May 1980, Elizabeth Anne Belzer became the first woman graduate. Janie L. Mines was the first U.S.N.A. African-American woman graduate.

This is one extreme; the other is the system of refereeing between the midshipmen and the book. The best has to be discovered by each instructor for himself; and this is an argument often used by those who hold that a civilian is a better instructor than an officer; by the time that the latter has evolved the best method, he goes to sea again. The Navy Secretary Ray Mabus on 21 December 2012, issued a statement of shame over a recent sexual abuse study which showed the nation’s service academies continue to have trouble maintaining safe teaching environments regarding sexual abuse. Reported sexual assaults the prior year declined from 22 to 13 at Annapolis.

Tradition states that if a plebe can place a midshipman cover on top of the chapel, plebe year will be over for all Fourth Class midshipmen. This tradition, however, is considered dangerous and is discouraged by the academy. First class midshipmen in officer billets replace those devices with their respective midshipman officer collar insignia.

It was displayed in Memorial Hall, which is in the portion of Bancroft Hall open to the general public until 2004. It underwent conservation and is now on display in the Museum in Preble Hall. The only British royal standard taken by capture was displayed in Mahan Hall.