Since starting VoiceOfHair in 2014 she has grown the social media platform to over 1MM+ on Instagram and Facebook. As a natural who is also a salon goer, she wanted to create a platform where people could find the best products, hairstylists, advice and trends. If you’re not too good at braiding, twisting your hair is another option for you to choose from this summer. Senegalese twists stay popular because they are regal and look great on everyone.

It was so easy to maintain and I felt like I did get a vacation from doing my hair on a daily basis. And, if you’re lucky enough to be packing your bags for the beach, we’ve got some great style tips to take with you. Soak in the fun and save time with these easy and effortless vacation hairstyles and accessories.

The front half of hair is cornrowed in a line detailed design, and the braids usually fall long down to the waist. Another protective style that can get wet is Senegalese twists, also called two-strand twists. These are twist braids that can be done with or without extension hair. prose reviews for curly hair Whether you prefer a ponytail or a bun, you can add small braids on the sides to give your style a little flair. If you love letting your hair down but hate brushing out the knots, try this beautiful braided hairstyle. This one is sure to protect your hair from the wind and waves.

Bantu knots are a protective hairstyle formed by twisting pieces of hair into small, tight buns. They are both practical and totally cute for a day at the beach. The braided Bantu knots are a Central and South African hairstyle that has transitioned into a modern day protective style for African Americans. Let those knotless braids curl up at the bottom for a stunning braided look.

Bundle a thick braid at the top and then let it all come down on one side. If you need a little help mastering any of these looks before your trip, ask your stylist for tips specific to your hair’s texture and length. Karrueche wowed on July 6 with waist-length braids created by celebrity braider Erinn Courtney. Give your half-up/half-down ‘do some accessorizing by letting two to three braids fall towards your face like Ashley did on July 4. Actress Teyonah Parris tossed her glistening passion twists to one side on June 10. Help your passion twists maintain their shine with a light oil like this one from Love Beauty & Planet.

I was pleased with the results and loved the way my hair turned out. My braids didn’t feel heavy which I was really concerned about, let alone having the weight tug at my hairline. Out of all the braided styles that I could have chosen for this vacation, I decided that box braids were the right fit. The style still gave me the flexibility of alternating styles based on my ensemble and the best part, I was able to do my hair on the go!

Not only are they quick to install, but the styles are versatile, and they’re easy to maintain. You may have noticed a trend recently such as the goddess and boho vibes where braids and twists are undone. This bold style is great if you’re looking to wear a style for about 2 months. Since this style last longer, be sure to cleanse it weekly with the Koils by Nature Lavendar & Eucalyptus Replenishing Hair & Scalp Cleanser. Keep reading to discover the best goddess braid style that will suit your vibe. When vacationing with Ghana braids, what suggestions do you have for daily exposure to chlorine and salt water?

It may come pre-styled like straight, waved, curled, etc. or it can be styled differently once it is installed. The style is very popular because of its versatility and its likeness of it looking as if the hair is coming from the scalp. Wigs protect the hair and scalp from harsh conditions and activities.

Start the braids at your neckline and work upwards; once you get to the top, twist them into two loose buns. If you find this difficult, you can also skip the braids and just form the buns. Braid the sides of your hair, tie them together, twist and pull the rest of your hair through them. This is a cute and easy way to keep your hair out of your face as you run your daily errands. Here’s an old classic that’s been remixed and modernized. The stitch feed-in braids are a remix of the early Y2K hairstyle of fishbone braids.

This is a great low maintenance style that I personally love for travels. Box braids now come in crochet braids so if you don’t have the patience to sit for hours then you can opt for this style. Ghana braids may not last as long as other styles, but they are popular, quicker to install than other vacation hair looks and extremely stylish and fun for vacations.