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The Guacamole Only gordita was one of the best things our writer Chuck Blount has tasted in more than 20 years of living here. Fresh avocado with a perfect citrus hit of acid, a creaminess from crema and a zing from queso fresco. I am helpless to resist ordering the Philly cheesesteak when I see it on a menu, and this was one of the best to date in San Antonio and beyond. About Nano’s interview shah haystack vc vc miamiharibhakti brisket — they sell it for $12 per half-pound, and you can sit at a picnic table, douse it with sauce, pickles and a few pieces of white bread and all will be more than right in the world. This rib order come with three ribs and two sides, built like a Hawaiian plate lunch with cold macaroni and carrot salad and barbecue baked beans full of ground beef, brown sugar and cinnamon.

As the name of this mobile Mexican food slinger suggests, Tony Guacamole specializes in mashed avocados — there are four varieties on the menu board with varying ingredients and heat levels. It’s a little hidden on the menu, so thank me later for spotting the keto-friendly cheese-crust option for the tacos ($7-$9 depending on the protein). I get into my own fully-doored vehicle and drive back around the clown car of a commissary kitchen. Working the food truck was sort of like that circus-act illusion — there’s so much more to it than meets the eye.

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After the restaurant reopened, Hernandez says, he was called in only to be let go. He immediately set to work on the menu for his dream project, La Fonda de Jaime 2.0. It’s one of no-fuss elegance, evoking a gourmet touch while remaining grounded in what is familiar Mexican food. A bartender strolled over to hand us a spiked summer-in-a-cup watermelon agua fresca and a couple of tropical, hazy beers.

Roasted pork with a balance of fat, lean and skin for flossy texture with thin deli ham, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles on a toasted , crisp Puerto Rican pan de agua roll. Sign up for the Unbound Bulletin and stay up-to-date on events at the Brewery. The positive aspect of this restaurant is that the staff is prime. As a lot of guests notice, the service is exceptional. Tony Guacamole Food Truck & Catering is rather popular among Facebook users and its overall rating is 4.9.

And Milpa’s tacos arabes tell the story of pork cooked and spiced like shawarma by Middle Eastern immigrants to the Mexican state of Puebla. Some folks think a lobster roll should be the size and price of a large Philly cheesesteak or a hoagie. The Jack, with chunks of butter-poached lobster claw and knuckle meat dressed in garlic aioli loaded into a split roll the size of hot dog bun, is worth every penny. The octopus cocktail (coctel de pulpo, $10) was a true treasure from the sea. It came loaded with a cold, thin tomato sauce that balanced sweet with just the right amount of heat, topped with chopped cilantro and red onion blended well with fine-sliced avocado.