“Anytime you have someone who does more giving then receiving you feel like you have to give them something,” he says, while discussing his makeover of Commish’s garage into a man cave and office space. “The new season of Celebrity IOU is incredible. It is going to inspire you. It is going to make you cry. It is going to make you laugh. These big stars give back in big ways,” Drew and Jonathan say in the clip. This season’s full lineup of stars includes Tiffany Haddish, Halle Berry, Lisa Kudrow, Anthony Anderson, Snoop Dogg, Ali Wong, Howie Mandel and John C. Reilly. Viola Davis heads to Minneapolis to surprise her acting school roommate and best friend of 30 years with a home renovation. Viola works with Jonathan and Drew Scott to create a peaceful sanctuary where this doting mom can finally put herself first. Brad Pitt recruits Drew and Jonathan Scott to help him surprise his friend and makeup artist of 30 years by renovating her detached garage.

With an eye to upgrading the finishes and improving its flow and functionality, Tiffany and the designers transformed this small kitchen into a luxurious, expansive space. Drew and Jonathan loved the original Art Deco railing in the house, but were quick to point out the flaws in its design. With spaces large enough for a child to fall through, they considered it a safety hazard. They planed to bring it up to code without diminishing its charm. Additionally, they opted to remove old carpeting to help the room feel more modern. A major kitchen, living room, dining and bathroom renovation that turns drab into downright dreamy.

The Kings initially asked for about $1.477 million in reparations. Televised home renovation shows are booming as eye candy for viewers in watching transformations of a home for inspiration. About a dozen homeowner lawsuits have popped up saying that their made-for-TV transformation ended in more of a nightmare than a dream home. Jonathan revealed that his brother practices everything in front of the mirror. She also appeared on an episode of Friends with her, The one with all the wedding dresses.

Various reports have stated that Brad Pitt did cover the expenses of renovating the home of his makeup artist Jean Ann Black. Plus, there aren’t any similar reports mentioning some of the other celebrities doing the same. We’re used to working on a lot of projects at once, at this point. I know it may seem unbelievable to viewers that we can turn these projects around so fast, but we do.

Season 3 of Celebrity IOU launched in 2022, and it was the emotional roller coaster fans across the US didn’t realize they needed. Actress Allison Janney is then seen in episode 2, giving her assistant rodneys jamaican a space where she can cook and entertain. HGTV’s Celebrity IOU series came back on our screens on December 14th, with actress Zooey Deschanel appearing as the first guest of the season.

A few days later, they dressed up for Halloween in a Harry Potter and Hermoine Granger matching set. While this getup is by no means unique, the sentiment behind Jonathan and Zooey’s selection was special. Homeowners are usually required to pay the bill for the renovations when appearing on these TV home improvement shows. Any free perks that come with appearing on the show—like free materials–are at the discretion of the show’s producers.