There’s a stringer goes down in the middle of the board cause she’s pushing up on the side and it was tipping the board and she was losing momentum. I find that she figured it out when she got her first wave and wrote it to the beach. There was a lot of people there just happened to be one of those days. It does sound like divine intervention, right.

And I think it’s, uh, something that’s really needed from what everything I’ve watched. I’ve watched about three or four of your podcasts and they’re all super encouraging and they’re all very different. I think the spectrum that you’re reaching is so broad.

And I think you guys are, especially, you. Doing a work that is really necessary and much needed, especially in the chaotic world we’re living on right now. I mean, we’ve had one family with eight kids come and.

She used to drop in on me and right in front of me and it wasn’t a bad view riding behind her. So that’s how we kind of got, got to know each other. You mentioned to me that you’d retired after 24 years of being a fine dining waiter at the Princeville hotel there in Kauai. That really was what drew you to Hawaii.

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But that didn’t stop Bethany. She’s had her story told in books and movies. She helps others and her dad, Tom is our guest on this special father’s network.