You can also squinch, which is squinting just a little bit. If your eyes are too wide in your image, you could come across as fearful or too intense. In the first photo below, the photographer clearly shows what he does, but it’s impossible to make a connection with him because we don’t even have a hint of what he looks like. In the second photo, the photographer shows what she does without hiding her identity.

If you’re sick and tired of smiling in photos, like you used to when you were a kid taking photos for picture day, then you can try taking a photo like this one. Instead of smiling, you can look at the camera and let your bitch face fly. Either that or you can do the “fish gape” with your lips slightly parted, like all of the celebs have been doing.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and your profile picture is your first calling card to new and potential followers. Female worker, suffering from flue symptoms like fever, headache and sore throat on her workplace due to viral infection. Sick leave and lack of health insurance concepts.

If you’ve narrowed your options down to a few photos, try them out by posting them to your regular feed, or by creating an Instagram Story and including a poll for your viewers. Scrolling through images in the “discovery” section valorant profile pic of Instagram, you come across a beautiful winter landscape with snow-capped mountains and a stunning sunset. You click it, then explore the rest of the user’s posts, which all revolve around adventure – right up your alley.

My rule of thumb is that it should look like you on a good day and that I should recognize you from that photo if we met somewhere. The cat-woman creates this cool guy my gardener met yesterday to make a pie. If you want to look sexy without showing off your skin, then you can take a picture with your hair falling in front of your face. It’s also a great way to hide any insecurities you have. If there’s a big pimple on your forehead that won’t go away, you can strategically place a piece of hair over it for the picture.

Online Photo Editor Enhance your images with a rich set of photo effects and editing tools. Keep your background plain and focus on your face. The best dimensions for a Twitter profile pic are 400 by 400 pixels, which is a bit more generous than other social networks. There’s likely a look and feel you want to be known for.