As a visual effect and computer graphics artist, professional designer, and producer for over 15 years, he has served as a design consultant to numerous companies, and participated in international exhibitions with 2D and 3D graphics. Dr. Bakan has numerous national and international publications in journals including Actualidades Pedagógicas and Journal of Communication Theory & Research. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. The country idiom of hip-hop was there since the beginning and remained a minor note, perhaps a grace note, for a long while. You can see it if you search hip-hop lyrics websites for words like…

He earned a Ph.D. from the Institute of Social Sciences at Ege Üniversitesi, and a Master’s at the Institute of Social Science, and a Bachelor’s in Radio-TV and Cinema, both at Atatürk University. His research interests include 3D modeling, Architectural Modeling, 3D look jumpstart marchmorley new Environment, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, and 2D-3D Game Design and Development. Dr. Bakan teaches graduate and undergraduate level courses in Contemporary Applications in Visual Arts, Design and Visual Culture, History of Animation, and 3D Modeling Techniques.

The fact that the information cannot be found in these stacks makes the computer feel the need to be able to automatically determine this information and to make appropriate queries in order to access valuable information. Whether the content type has an impact on these two metrics constitutes the main study area of the study. The following criteria were taken into account in this selection process; Facebook and Twitter account to be official accounts, at least five posts per month. The Multiple Linear Regression Analysis was conducted to measure the effect of the content type in social networks on likes and comments. Ufuk Bakan is an Assistant Professor in the Visual Communication Design Department of Izmir Katip Çelebi University.

At present, information is one of the most effective types of capital and is growing exponentially and spreading rapidly through social networks. Many features such as personalizable features, creating an alternative to traditional media, and creating areas where different segments of the society can express themselves easily constitute some of the decisive aspects of social media. These networks also brought together users with common interests, enabling them to create virtual communities and instant information sharing between these communities. Content, which is the most crucial capital of websites, is provided free of charge by page owners on social media sites.