Meghan Markle, the actress has acted in the suits as a paralegal at a renowned law firm “Pearson Spectre”. You might be, or might not be aware of how important the work of Paralegal is in the field of law. Paralegal forms the basis of a case because they are the ones who actually do all the investigation work for the cases. I’ve watched many men and women come and go through law firms and the ones who fit in best with the office staff were those who paid attention to the social atmosphere as well as the dress code. They didn’t over or under-dress, but simply adapted their wardrobe to the office dress code.

If you notice that those with more authority tend to dress more professionally, you may want to choose to imitate their dress code, especially if you want to advance in the law firm. There’s definitely something true about dressing for the job you want, not the job you have. But, you must also temper that with the people you’re working with each day. Regardless of the dress code for the law firm, I’m a firm believer that when you go to a paralegal interview, you should wear a suit. A suit is professional and demonstrates that you pay close attention to detail and you’re committed to your career. Some people may disagree but I prefer to err on the side of caution and overdress rather than under-dress.

Rachel tells Mike that she has a problem with Claire, because she can see why Mike was interested in her. In their last meeting Claire finds out that Mike Ross is not a real lawyer, and ultimately Rachel has to beg Claire for keeping Mike’s graduation alliance answers secret. Claire then tells Mike that if she really loved Rachel, he will not marry her. Mike is scared about him dragging Rachel into something that could ruin her life, but Rachel says the does not care, she just wants to marry Mike.

There is absolutely no way that Harvey Specter and Mike Ross could’ve represented most of their clients throughout Suits’ first seven seasons. In the real world, the only lawyers who personally cover multiple areas of law operate out of small, general practices. Hotshot legal eagles like Harvey and Mike, who work for large firms, only practice one specific area of law, and they’re either transactional or litigation experts.

Harvey eventually drops Logan as a client, once Louis rehires Mike back at the firm. Dr. Ava Hessington, played by Michelle Fairley, is CEO of Hessington Oil, a UK-based international oil company that she took over from her father. Harvey has Scottie look into her background and discovers that she bribed a corporate whistleblower in 2010, covered up an oil spill in 2008, and had an environmental study doctored in 2006. She and her father have been clients of Darby’s firm for some time, dating back to her father being Darby’s first client, as well as simultaneously being his lover. Her bribery case is assigned by Darby to Harvey, because of Harvey’s familiarity with the sitting US Attorney prosecuting the case. She remains his client after being acquitted of the bribery charges and is later arrested for conspiracy to commit murder by Cameron Dennis .

At the beginning of season 4, Sidwell is the founding CEO of his own investment firm and Mike’s new boss. He is portrayed as a straight-talking, concise, tough but fair boss to Mike. At the beginning, it seems that every conversation he has with Mike ends with him threatening to fire Mike unless he meets his pressing demands, but is shown later to become a bit of a mentor figure to him. In order to stay alive in the Gillis Industries takeover battle against Logan Sanders and Harvey, Mike is forced to buy 100,000 shares of Gillis Industries stock without Sidwell’s prior approval. He summons Mike, compliments him on brazenly purchasing the stock without permission but gives him one week to find someone to refund the investment and deleverage Sidwell or it will cost him his job. Eventually, on realizing Mike’s plan with Forstman of sidelining him from Forstman’s investment, he fires Mike.

The show would be decidedly less dreamy, but sadly, old white dudes should really be filling their shoes, instead. On “Suits,” Rachel wants to be a lawyer, but that’s an aspiration not every paralegal has — or needs — in order to be taken seriously. Rachel is the best representation of — and pretty much only — paralegal on TV, several of the real ones told TheWrap. It is an employed position and the salary varies, usually between £18k to £24k outside of London.

She visits Stephen in prison with Mike, then asks Mike to leave the room and gets Stephen to admit that he lied, unaware that he was being recorded. In season 2 she returns, offering her firm’s cooperation and resources on a multi jurisdictional class action lawsuit and, after its success, creates a merger situation that will make both Harvey and herself name partners at the merged Darby/Pearson firm. But because of inside information she gave to Harvey and Mike to help them beat Jessica, Darby personally fires her. Eventually, Harvey convinces Darby to keep Scottie, insisting that without her, Darby wouldn’t have the merger.