For anyone wanting a blanket of approx. 30 inches- 75 to 80 cms, I cast on 132sts to start and this works well with a size 4mm hook. Here are links to the blog posts…. This pattern is so flexible — you can make a wide, short blanket, a small square baby blanket, a giant scarf, lap blanket, a King sized bed blanket. Ch 3, then work 3 DC stitches into the next space.

Repeat above color changes 2 times, and end with 6 rows Grey Heather, 9 rows White, 6 rows Grey Heather. I like that she made this blanket wide enough that she did not thigh garter knife need to add a border. She has a nice gift for a co-workers new baby. Yes, these new CrochetObjet project bags. I am very excited to be able to offer my own totes now.

It’s designed as a summer hat but really works for any season, especially if you switch up the color palette. Rock Star Mitts free crochet patternby Jessie At Home. The stripes here decorate the hands. Jessie has also created a Rock Star Hat and Scarf crochet pattern set to match these mitts; they showcase a more subtle transition between colors.

To join another color at the end of a sc row, start working your last sc, and when you have 2 loops left on your hook, YO and pull through the new color. Each row measures a little over one half inch. So, if you want your blanket to be 48 inches long, you’ll need 90 rows or so. Obviously, this is approximate since everyone crochets differently, but it’s a good starting place. This round is worked a little differently because you will be alternating a dc and a cluster stitch. After working all those half double crochets in the body of the blanket, you might find yourself trying to make those again.

Are you looking for aunique striped crochet blanketto make? If so, the Falling In Striped Blanket is the one you’ve been searching for. It uses one simple stitch and two yarn colors to create a one-of-a-kind blanket that has beautiful cascading stripes. Basically, if you can do a half double crochet stitch, you can make this blanket.

There are color changes, but in much of the pattern you can carry the yarn up the sides so that you can avoid weaving in the ends. See where there are two rows worked at a time? Go ahead and carry the yarn up the sides at those sections. You likely want to cut the yarn when doing single color rows or the large stripes.

I was just interested in the bobbles when I came to the page, but I saw such a lovely blanket to make. I purchased one ball of a lot of colours and more than one shade of each. I really intended them for a granny stitch blanket/afghan, I’m seriously considering this one. There is a large discrepancy on the edges of my blanket even after using a larger hook for the required stitches.