The two books I know about are: “Star Trek: The Original Series” by Gene Roddenberry and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” by Gene Roddenberry and William Shatner. I have read both of them. And I am a huge fan of both.

So like the movie Trekkies are fans of Star Trek and Trekkies are fans of the movie Star Trek, Star Trek The Next Generation does have something in common with Star Trek The Original Series, which is the fact that it was both produced by Gene Roddenberry and written by Gene Roddenberry. The difference is that Roddenberry was the screenwriter for both books and movies, while Shatner was the director of both books and movies.

And so it’s no surprise that Shatner is also the director of the newest installment in the franchise, and that he’s written one of the books. It’s a shame that all the original books are out of print, because they’re much more fun to read and were probably the only books that were made available when they were published. Shatner’s been making a name for himself lately with his writing, being the creator of the “Star Trek: Next Generation” fanfiction comics.

Shatner is one of the most prolific directors of all time. I was lucky enough to see the original Star Trek movie and all of its follow-ups in the theater, and I was surprised that I didn’t see more of his work in the theater, because he seems to know just about everything about Trek lore.

Star Trek: The Magazine is a book that is essentially the sequel to Star Trek: The Magazine. It also features the same kind of awesome art as the first issue, as well as the same kind of awesome art as the original Star Trek. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a book that was every time the Enterprise was on the bridge looking at a full page of art, and every time the Enterprise was walking on the bridge and looking at a full page of art.

The book was released on the same day that the film was released, so the book probably gave fans of the film a ton of extra information that they had to go through to get to the film. Although, we do know that there will be a movie series.

We’ve also heard that there will be a Star Trek: The Magazine, which you can purchase exclusively through the site. It comes with a few exclusive goodies, but also some extra stories. That could also be a tie in to the book, which we have heard was a “big” book release. The magazine will be available in comic shops/book stores, or you can just get it on Amazon.

The film has a few more revelations about the future of the franchise, including the fact that it will be coming to 3D and that there will be a new series, and a new actor. We also hear that we will be getting the series with a new director, and we also hear that it will be a tie in to the novel.

All that remains to be seen is when we’ll get our first look at the film, though we’re thinking we may get it in a Blu-ray version. In all we know it will be out sometime in Q1, so if you’re a fan of the film or the book, you’ll want to get it as soon as you can.

It’s also worth noting that the director of the Star Trek film, J.J. Abrams, is a co-owner of Star Trek The Next Generation, which means that he will be involved in all aspects of the franchise, whether it is creating new content, or helping to produce and edit the films.