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Although not seen using his powers as often, he is also capable of casting charms and cause mischief. He works at Mr. Charming’s broom shop as an assistant and has a slight rivalry with Hazel.Thistle is the baby brother of Posie and Parsley. Sometimes she uses her wand in the Charmhouse. Her musical instrument in Rainbow Sparkle is a guitar. They are cute but it totally sucks that they don’t include more interesting accessories!

Their small size makes them perfect for on the go fun and are just the right size for little hands. Buy Little Charmers 8 Inch Posie Doll online at a discounted price from ShopClues.com. Shop Other Toys & Games products @ Lowest Prices.

At E-Let\’s Play Your Spin Master Girls Toys. In addition, shipping on all toys costs only € 4.90 throughout Italy and free for purchases over € 69.90. Lavender is a bow-loving and purple-haired Charmer who uses her wand for making potions to help the others. Her catchphrase is “Charmazing!” Her musical instrument in Rainbow Sparkle is a set of drums. I already wrote an in-depth review of the new Monster High dolls, but I know there’s a lot of interest in the individual characters, so…

Even more than that, though, I can imagine that the dolls will add to a child’s enjoyment of the show. These durable, attractive dolls offer kids the chance to invent their own Little Charmers adventures long after the television has been turned off. •Now kids can bring home their adventures with an entire line of magical Little Charmers characters and toys! The Hazel Figurine Set is made for ages 3+. I had never heard of these dolls before browsing through your reviews but after seeing Posie here I totally fell in love with her.

Spin Master made toys including dolls, figurines, plushies and RPGs. Additionally, bedding was made by Baby Boom Consumer Products, cake decorations by Bakery Crafts Halloween costumes by Rubie’s Costume Company, and other products by Scholastic. I wish there were more normal-headed normal-eyed playline dolls for you to run across in your toy store jaunts. I love your reviews and wish the giant-head, alien-eye trend ends soon. In the television show, Hazel is actually the main character.

The headbands add a nice finishing touch to the look, I only wish that the dolls came with another character-themed accessory like a pet, broom, flute or potion bottle. This would make the suggested $16.99 retail price much more reasonable. In Italy, the cartoon has recently met with enormous success, so much so that Spin Master has not yet stopped the production of dolls and gadgets by now snapped up by the female public. Buy Little Charmers toys now at the best price and find the promotion that suits you. This set comes with Lavender, her favorite dragon Flare, and her signature potion bottle wand.

I ran out to buy her two days later and love her more every day. There is just something precious about what are shopkins dolls her. I now read your reviews before buying a doll and you have helped me save a lot of money.

Lavender , Hazel and Posie , MSRP $16.99.I didn’t know anything about the characters when I bought my dolls, so I chose Lavender and Posie because I thought they were the cutest. I am going to share this post with her. The Little Charmers Best Friends 3 pack includes all three Little Charmers friends along with their pets Seven, Flare and Treble.

I wish that the Little Charmers came with a different kind of accessory. There are so many neat things to choose from with this storyline. For example, Posie could come with her magic flute, or even her broom so that she could fly around on missions. Those items would enhance game play much better than a small brush. Buy now Little Charmers Pack of 3 Dolls on our children\’s toy shop. Discover now Little Charmers Pack of 3 Dolls, surely at the lowest price.