As the sun sets, helmet lights are turned on, and your ultimate adventure begins. You don’t want to miss out on this FREE after-hours zipline experience. The ultimate goal of any zipline activity should be to provide users with safety first, and then fun.

Our experienced guides will provide the best route to best experience the Garden of the Gods. Beautiful views of Pikes Peak are seen in the distance and contrast amazingly with the red rocks. This tour will require some effort as your ride up and down the flowing road around the park for approximately 5 miles.

If you want to experience all of our ziplines, check out ourCombo Course! All guests will get to practice their skills in ground school. The first two zips are yourmed service considered “warm up” lines ranging from 250 to 310 feet long. You will began to get a feel for the zipping techniques as you see the trees go rushing past.

The two 200 ft bridges traverse the rock fins that give the course it’s name. Test your nerves by walking across without holding onto the sides! As you cross the seventh zip, you will reach the highest point of 505 ft and see some of the most impressive views of the day.

Complete UW’s IRB 101 Online Tutorial and make sure to save your training certificate. When you fill out your Zipline application, upload your training certificate to the Local Site Documents page. See the IRB 101 landing page for more information about this requirement.