Although complete research is not yet there for the meaning of moles symbolizing the shape of a triangle, many believe that it means both good and bad. It means the person will have a mixed life, both good and bad, kind and angry. The Celts believed that people who had moles on their buttocks were blessed with great wealth and success, both material possessions and spiritual power.

People with a mole on the right side of the stomach earn handsomely and win over women easily. People with a mole on the left side of the stomach tend to be selfish and they may be after easy money. They are generally people who are lucky to possess agricultural land.

A mole on the right side of the forehead denotes wealth. Such persons may be rich and famous in society. If the mole is on the left side of the forehead, such persons are selfish and unkind. They can hardly expect any respect from the others. If the mole is located on the left side, you may face frequent cash crunch. You may be forever on the move, not even halting to get married.

There really are no positive readings of a mole of your left butt-cheek. According to both publications, the left side dot also indicates a deprived life. People with a mole on their right foot are assured of a good life partner and mole on my butt a supportive family. People with a mole on the left foot are more likely to quarrel with their partners. They are likely to encounter frequent financial crunches. A mole on the upper lips make a person acceptable to all people.

She won’t miss any hot design of clothing and makeup. A mole on the middle of the chin ensures that the bearer is respected for his high thinking. A mole on the right side denotes intellect and diplomacy. They have a knack for persuading other people through sweet talks. People with a mole on the left side of the chin, on the other hand, are outspoken and hence not very popular. They find it difficult to rein in their expenses.