Technically the College Board gives you “Score Choice” capability, allowing you the ability to selectively report your scores as you see fit. You could, for example, take the Math 2, Literature, and Chemistry exams on the same test date and then later choose to report only certain scores from this date to any particular college. However, some colleges disallow Score Choice and require you to stipulate in your admission application that you have not exercised Score Choice. The “who” and “why” of this issue would require its own blog post, but try not to worry about it.

Score Choice is an option chosen by the student, not the college. A college can, like the UCs, state that they don’t want students to use Score Choice. The problem, as you have found, is that colleges sometimes fail to think through what this means for optional Subject Tests.

I plan to apply to UC Santa Barbara, Davis and San Diego as well. I would like to get your thoughts on submitting only one subject test to schools that list the test as “considered” – specifically the top tier public schools. My son took the Math 2 but with a 740 he doesn’t think it is adding much value when he has a 770 on Math section of the SAT. Hi Art, my daughter got a 770 on Lit and 730 on US History.

The subject test is only offered on specified test dates, not on every SAT date. It is not possible to take both the SAT and the SAT subject test on the same day. However, you can take up to three SAT subject tests in a single day.

The SAT exam’s objectives are to evaluate a high school student’s preparation for college and to give universities a single, standard criteria for evaluating applicants. The exam is a standardized test spelman college gpa requirements that most U.S. colleges use to determine whether students should be enrolled in the institution. If you are looking forward to studying in the U.S. and Canada, this is the exam you must appear for.

Some colleges require that students submit only SAT or ACT scores. Other colleges allow students to submit ACT scores in lieu of SAT and SAT Subject Test scores. As previously mentioned, your child should review his or her college list and determine the testing requirements for each school. Once your child has done so, he’ll have a better sense of whether or not taking both the ACT and the Subject Tests is necessary. That being said, we encourage you and your child to consider all the options, including the SAT and SAT Subject Tests.

Learn why you should opt in toStudent Search Service®. Regular registration deadlines are typically about three to four weeks before the exam date. Late registration deadlines are usually cally about two to three weeks before a test date. Visit our SAT Test Dates page to view the regular and late registration deadlines for specific test dates.

Carnegie Mellon is the only college I know of with that policy, although there may be a few others. Almost all colleges are more sensible and gladly accept sophomore scores. I would strongly recommend that she not re-test unless you are told to do so my an admission office. The fall test dates are generally unpopular for Subject Tests. Thoughtful exceptions include an October tester who took an intensive summer school course or a November tester who wants to take the version of a Language test with a listening component .