She was worried to trust a start-up but I told her to go for it. We arrived today and the front desk told us the reservation was cancelled. The best RH could do was refund us and we were forced to to pay 50% more than we budgeted. I feel terrible and so should room hustlers. houdahspot alternative Sometimes an online search will tell you if the hotel was built in the last five years or recently renovated. The best way to avoid this scam is simply to accept that a stay in a bigger city is going to cost more, and to stay away from the bargain basement deals.

My wife and I have been hesitant in traveling for the past two years, as you can imagine why. We started planning a weekend getaway to see how it goes. As we were researching places where we could travel without much restriction and then one night sitting together by the computer over a glass of wine, the mic was dropped.

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One of the most devious scams is run by predators who trick customers into thinking they’re on a legit booking site. According to Chad Schyvincht, area manager for Viceroy Hotels San Francisco, third-party bookings are the primary cause of complaints and problems at check-in. Since many booking sites reserve the cheapest rooms possible, “guests who book on third-party sites will normally get the worst rooms in the hotel and be the first ones to get walked.” Many of these third-party sites offer suspiciously cheap rates for rooms, but they’re really just taking your money and running. The customer likely won’t find about the scam until they show up with a confirmation that either isn’t in the system or is for a room type different from the one the site actually reserved.