You won’t need to carry a ton, but at least a stack or two should always fit into your bags. At level 20 you get Riposte too, this will be a big damage increase whenever you parry. For those of you that wish to level with another specialisation, you can always check out ourSubtlety Leveling guide instead. The Priest class is one of the classes available to play for both Horde and Alliance in WotLK…

Level 40 ⇒ 1/1Adrenaline Rush- very powerful offensive Cooldown that doubles your Energy regeneration for 15 seconds. This, combined with Blade Flurry allows you to obliterate multiple enemies at a time or burst down a single Elite enemy once every 5 minutes. With this Talent, a Rogue feels like a true assassin .

This is always the recommended way to evaluate prospective gear upgrades, as it will be as accurate as possible specifically for you. Avoid falling into the trap of looking at any single DPS stat — rather, look at your total DPS output, and seek upgrades that increase that total. The best item is always the item that provides the most DPS, regardless of the specific stats it provides. For example,proves to be superior to[Merciless Gladiator’s Slicer], as the Talon has 6.5 more average damage in addition to superior stats.

Give reputation with the timbermaw faction as well each time you kill one, if you’re interested in that. If ur a fan of Un’goro u can always combine with some questing there, it’s right next to it, and is good at that lvl. They are pretty good to grind at these lvls, you’ll never run dry cause there’s just so many of them, they don’t have much life and drop some decent vendortrash. Download) can display where quest objectives are on your map which makes it easy to plot out what needs to be done and where. Arcane Torrent ability is situationally useful to silence enemies in PvE, and very often useful in PvP situations to stop important spells from being cast. Sarah started as a freelance writer in 2018, writing for PCGamesN, TechRadar, GamingBible, Red Bull Gaming and more.

I don’t have room to write very much, so I’ll write the talents I find best for grinding, in the order I suggest taking them. I have tried about every build a rogue can try, those that make sense anyway, and found this the most effective at grinding… There’re many reasons to go back to the main city during your grinding, but I guarantee you most of them can be done with a lvl 1 char sitting in the main city, just to check the AH and buy stuff for you… You mail some gold to it to do your dirty work, and it can mail the items back to you. The best way to level up your character is with the Overgear team, which provides Leveling in any range including leveling for WotLK Classic. Runecloth Bag will greatly help because you will spend less time sorting through garbage items and managing a limited inventory.

The only situation where Combat tends to be lackluster is PVP because it lacks the control and utility offered by the other Rogue specs. Knowing your enemy is a vital cowboy hat and suit aspect of playing any class, be it in raiding or in PvP. For rogues in particular, knowing an encounter beforehand enables you to make several optimizations.

Dungeons also provide great access to gear, which Rogues are much more dependent on than other classes. In Wrath of the Lich King, many players will opt for a dungeon-grinding strategy to accumulate experience points and reach max level. This method of leveling sometimes, if the correctly done, can provide a more efficient leveling speed as opposed to relying on quests for most of the experience gain, however it brings with it some cons. Single-target fights are relatively fast, however still slower than Combat Rogues.

An example of using the EP weights is provided following the tables. The following sample builds illustrate how each build might appear in actual use. Keep in mind when looking at these samples which talents are required . If there are other rogues at Zangarmarsh, you can switch to opening Dented Footlockers in Nagrand after reaching Lockpicking325. I think Zangarmarsh is a bit faster, so if you are the only one at Zangarmarsh, there is no reason to go to Nagrand. Once you picked all 4 locks, go out, then reset the instance by right-clicking over your own portrait, then click the “Reset all instance” button.