Le attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas before dropping out during his first year to pursue his online career full-time. During a recent stream, RiceGun reacted to a clip of Hasan talking about Ross, RiceGum, and others saying that a reason they all got into YouTube was that they couldn’t make friends. As you would expect, RiceGum took umbrage with this. That is all for now on RiceGum’s net worth 2022, biography, age, weight, height, cars, houses, salary, spouse, assets, and biography. However, he has excitingly massive social media followings, which are listed below.

Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. In June 2018, viewers compared a new RiceGum video to Paul’s misstep, as the YouTuber approached locals in Hong Kong and asked where he could procure “dog meat” to eat. Le was in the news with Paul again in 2019, after both YouTubers promoted a company called Mystery Brand that appeared to encourage gambling-style activities to their young followers. In the same stream that seemingly got him banned, Le spoke about why he and his ex-girlfriend, influencer Abby Rao, broke up.

“Who you become as RiceGum in your videos is disrespectful, ignorant, borderline racist, & shameful to all creators, especially Asians,” he said in a tweet. Le apologized for his behavior in a subsequent video. “White people make white jokes and hispanic people make hispanic jokes, and I thought because I’m Asian, I was allowed to make these Asian stereotype jokes,” he said.

In response to the video, RiceGum made the diss track “Frick da Police”. The diss track was met with a negative reception, currently holding 1.3 million dislikes since its release. RiceGum has also been involved in controversies with other popular YouTubers and musicians such as James Rallison, Gabbie Hanna, and Bhad Bhabie. The 23-year-old’s rise to YouTube stardom can largely be attributed to his other controversies, including his diss tracks.

He further explained that he believed it is acceptable as he is Asian. He also said that he wanted to return to Hong Kong, but says that he is “kind of scared now because the people may hit me and beat me up”. However, the video was considered insincere; media site Polygon described that his apology was done “in a somewhat glib manner” and What’s Trending said the “apology” “sounded forced”. The video of his Hong Kong tour is currently removed from YouTube due to the violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service. Ricegum is a english language album released in 2017.

That video is especially poignant now, as the spread of the novel coronavirus has quickly led to racism and xenophobia towards Asians worldwide and their eating habits, as Eater reported. According to Dexerto.com, the ban happened soon after RiceGum streamed with two women. At one point in the stream, one of the women appeared to show part of her breast, leading Twitch to give the account a strike, Le explained on Instagram Live.

RiceGum recently became more famous, after a cryptocurrency scam that involved many FaZe clan members. He stopped posting on his YouTube channel, a year ago. In December 2017, Ricegum clashed with another YouTuber by the name of iDubbbzTV, whose real name is Ian Carter. On 11th January 2018, iDubbbz released a video titled “Content Cop – Jake Paul” as part of his Content Cop series. The end of the video featured the diss track “Asian Jake Paul”.

“The main thing is like, she just didn’t support me,” he said, adding some expletives, also calling her, “clingy.” RiceGum got featured in YouTube personality and rapper KSI’s video for ‘Earthquake,’ released on August 12, 2017. The video got viewed over 46 million times before being removed due to a disagreement between the two. Bryan Quang Le, popularly known as udakuspecially RiceGum, was born on November 19, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. RiceGum comes from a low-income family and spent his childhood with his parents and siblings. He has posted numerous videos describing his parents as loving and caring. RiceGum keeps his personal and professional lives separate to protect his family from vulgar comments made by other YouTubers.