The more knowledge people have—and that’s why I’m sharing it—the more people understand that this is not just a headache. When they understand that their family member or friend is really suffering, that’s where the empathy starts to come in. Brown’s ice hack isn’t the only free beauty tip worth stealing from the Queer Eye squad. Fellow Fab Five member Jonathan Van Ness recently told Bustle that one of the keys to having pretty hair is saying nice things to it, a theory that’s somewhat backed by science.

“It does wonders for my complexion, pimples, wrinkles, etc.” He also shared a screenshot of some of the benefits that ice can have on your skin, including exfoliation, soothing sunburns and inflammation, and boosting circulation. Karamo Brown, the resident culture expert on the show, recently shared his secret to silky-smooth skin, and as it turns out it has nothing to do with pricey products or an intense, multistep regimen. In fact, Brown’s skin-care hero costs $0, and chances are you probably have it in your house — more specifically, in your freezer. In Episode 3 (“Dega Don’t”), the guys all pile into a car to go meet their next makeover “hero.” Before they get there, though, their SUV gets pulled over by the police, while Brown — the show’s culture expert and an African American — is at the wheel. Keep in mind that they filmed the show in the South , during a time when police brutality against people of color is a known occurrence.

Experts share 4 simple steps which could help you feel better in just 24… Mike Tindall reveals how the Prince of Wales reacted when he told him he was planning to go on I’m a Celeb… Brown has also adopted can you play vanguard zombies split screen Jason’s half-brother Christian, 20, Stephanie’s son with another man. A father of two, Brown has son Jason, 23, with high school friend Stephanie Brooks, whom he had a single sexual encounter with at age 15.

“My cast knew because I would be driving in the car, and we’d go over a bump and on the roof, my hairline would be there,” he told Allure Magazine earlier this month. “And the guys would be like, ‘Oh, we know where Karamo’s at,’ because my hairline was covering the roof.” But for one of those Fab Five stars, the premiere season is challenging to look back on.

Originally from Grand Haven, Michigan, she currently lives in Brooklyn. It’s a mental trick of changing your thought patterns from negative, fear-based feelings to more positive, love-based feelings. It helps me to calm myself down, and it helps me to ensure that my migraine doesn’t start to get really bad. What led Brown to the road to recovery was learning that he was the dad to a 10-year old, as improbable as it sounded. “I had way too many penises in my back pocket for me to have a baby now,” he told the Advocate.