If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call GAMBLER. In the first episode, Gary’s two pieces drew inspiration from the past, but there is more than just that piece of history. As he describes that “free-flowing story” as a “sci-fi girl” wrapped into the “Prometheus myth” that stunning print was more than a visual transformation of his imaginative story.

Andrea is a good designer but her final collection was all glitz and no substance. His work was amazing throughout and he had a vision. Gary’s designs touch the heart and the mind! He is an artist with depth, creativity and enough bravery to show us who he really is. I look forward to seeing your vision for the future of fashion.

Later that year, Graham released his Fall 2017 ready-to-wear collection which was inspired by the 1870s Gothic Revival mansion located in Warwick, Rhode Island. Goes Out newsletter, with the week’s best events, to help you explore and experience our city. Fashion critic Adam Tschorn has reviewed every winning look from the first two seasons of ‘Making the Cut.’ Check out his most, and least, favorite. Season 2 of ‘Making the Cut’ has a winner. And critic Adam Tschorn is here to break down the victorious collection. The Department of Education said Davon was passing classes and earning credits at South Richmond High School.

The schools these kids attend often charge well over $100,000 a year. Many offer the trappings of elite boarding schools, with bucolic settings and promises of advanced college prep. At some, students ride horses as part of their therapy. your neighborhood tentacle shop Yannik’s critiques are when things really pop off, even though he had one of the better pairs of designs. Heidi appreciated the concept and draping of the first look, but the accessible look was too hard for an everyday customer to wear.

The global market also includes a significant proportion of people who prefer or need conservative wear, and I thought his solution was beautiful and genius. They were cut so beautifully to flatter the figure without sexualising it. I am personally not a conservative dresser, but I really loved his clothes and textiles. Gary was hands down a better artist than any of the other designers. In fact, he may have been the only artist among them. While others made things that they thought looked good, Gary’s work was inspired.

We were given the concept store in quarantine so I did a three dimensional mockup. I was working on it really hard and it kind of fell flat. I didn’t want to be the guy going home, but there was a strange sense of relief. Devoted Making The Cut viewers are still in shock that the season two frontrunner, Gary Graham,didn’t end up the show’s winner and $1 million richer after Andrea Pritter was crowned the winner. Last week we got on a Zoom to chat with a disappointed Graham to discuss what went wrong. That concept seems to be what Gary does well in his storytelling.

So that’s what her customer base wants. Other wedding gown designers show a spectrum of styles. Leanne Marshall from PR did a line of dip-dyed tulle once, gorgeous. Gary acts like he’s one of those rubes who don’t understand what “the next big fashion brand” means. The show wants a hustler, a whore who opens wide for any client who can pay or provide media exposure. Shy and aloof people cannot carry a brand in this social media age, but then that’s exactly what celebrity spokespersons are for, to be the face of the fashion line.

Throw in sexy Rob with the longish hair who sucked but charmed the judges with his smile and Kara who turned into a raging bitch at the finale and you have great reality tv that never felt forced. I just looked at Lucie’s website, which starts with a lovely video. All the designs she did on the show are there, but well executed . All very elegant and chic–I’d much rather see women dressed in her designs than in leopard print with sequins and studs. I think they only gave a partial win to the wedding dress designer to make it seem like there’s still competition for Gary.