Please send us an email at for specific instructions for your custom products. Every mask order arrives with a leaflet containing how-to instructions, along with details on how often and how long you should leave in your mask. But as the name indicates, your Pre-Shampoo Mask should always be used on damp hair and followed by shampoo.

While you will see results from the Shampoo and Conditioner, the Hair Mask can also make a huge difference in the look and health of your hair. We recommend applying your Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask to wet or damp hair and leaving on for before cleansing. We do recommend applying to damp or wet hair to ensure the hair cuticle is able to absorb the nutrients of the mask. I’ve read to apply to dry hair and I’ve read apply to damp hair. Be sure to avoid your lengths and massage the product onto your scalp, section by section.

I don’t particularly enjoy hair masks, so I was excited about this. I wondered initially why they weren’t in my personalized routine, but after a few weeks using Prose, I realized that I don’t need them when I am using the right products. In the 10 years I’ve been wearing my hair naturally curly, I have always, always styled with a strong hold gel. When Prose suggested I use just their curl cream, I was extremely doubtful it would get the job done. However, after styling with the curl cream the way I would normally use a gel (sectioning my curls and then individually twirling each one with product—yeah, it takes a while), I was truly shocked by the results.

Haircare, like any other category in beauty, is hardly one-size-fits-all. So, my friends, that’s where the beauty ofProse comes in. If you’re not familiar with Prose curly hair puns it is a custom hair care line. You fill out a questionnaire on their website and they will formulate shampoo/conditioner for your specific hair care needs.

However, Richman warns that you can over-moisturize your hair. All of their products are cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free and sustainable. So after using up most of my shampoo and conditioner, I went ahead and did a “review and refine” of my formula. Although I saw a huge improvement in how oily my hair gets in between washes, I wanted to see if this could be made even better.

I love that my products are tailored to my specific needs and goals (Prose even considers your specific environmental factors when crafting your products—something I didn’t even realize I needed). The most notable part of my Prose experience is how long my hair is lasting in between washes. With my other shampoos and conditioners, I’m rocking a messy bun on day-two hair. The first time I used my Prose products, I went a full five (!!!) days without washing. Yes, that fifth day was not necessarily pretty, but I didn’t have to messy-bun it until the fourth day. Because it’s a truly customizable, personal service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there’s a chance that your formula will wow you.

I’ve tested it now a few times with a conditioner, and I surprisingly like using it without. My hair feels soft and smooth, but it doesn’t get weighed down at all like it normally would. I also hope that Prose considers offering two masks—one for roots, one for ends—to interested customers who have both scalp and ends issues like myself. Ultimately, I was pleased to find that my new “ends” mask helped with some of my damage and that the fragrance-free formula helped balance dryness. Once I ordered, I excitedly waited for my new haircare products, which came within a week. I use a highly concentrated purple shampoo for brassiness every other week or so on top of this, but I think the purple tint does help combat brassiness in between those treatments.