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It looks very easy to just drive the car between the posts, then position the arms to meet up with the jacking points on the car. The car that is on his now is a 1973 Alfa Romeo Spider. This car sits even lower than the Corvette due to the oil pan guard on the front. Thre is about 2 inches or so between this cow catcher looking guard and the ground. I can attest to the strength of the oil pan guard as I have broken many a rock with it over the years.

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I highly suggest touring the whole complex before selecting these apartments as there is hardly any maintenance or upkeep. Management says there is supposed to be changes so hopefully these take place. The relatives’s lift was just under $2,000 delivered and installed. He has the 9000 lb unit that can lift trucks as well as cars.

Whether providing the leading mobility options for Silicon Valley campuses or high-tech, low-touch valet service at five-star hotels, Propark delivers a world-class experience for every customer. Eagle and Direct have two post lifts for reasonable prices that must be bolted down. I am more interested in a two post bolt down or a mobile lift, rather than the four post ones that are used to just stack cars for parking. Which is why I said I do not want to hijack the thread. The 4-post lifts are not meant only for parking but do often times require an additional jack to perform work. I purchased a pair of short 2-stage bottle jacks ()for when I need to raise a side or end of the car.

The towing situation at this community is absolutely absurd and I would not recommend living here. My boyfriend and I both caught Covid so we were quarantining together in his apartment at Axiom. He registered my vehicle each day online through ProParkTexas however, since it had been more than 3 days they towed my car. The leasing office staff had NO sympathy what so ever.