“There isn’t much evidence to show that potatoes are effective at drawing out toxins or will help you get over a cold faster,” Dr. Robinson said. The footage cuts to the following morning when she pulls the socks off her girl’s feet and states. “You’re going to see an imprint on the bottom of the foot, which is totally fine. You’re then going to see the potato slices, which are disgustingly dark.

We’d like to send you notifications for the latest news and updates on baby care and health. Slice a potato, about 1/8 of an inch thick, and stuff it into your child’s sock. Potatoes are not the only food that can be used in this way for healing; raw cabbage leaves, help bruising and aid circulation. When applied directly they can give excellent relief to mastitis. Other foods used for different complaints include oats, lemons, onion, garlic , and of course honey. Our very own New Zealand Manuka honey is world famous for its antibacterial and antimicrobial actions.

In Scotland in 1918, there were 61 cases of solanine poisoning after consumption of potatoes containing 0.41 mg of solanine per gram of potato, resulting in the death of a five-year old. This final treatment is useful for replenishing the fluids that are lost after your fever breaks. To make it, add the rind from a lemon and two tablespoons of barley to a quart home remedies for dog mouth ulcers of boiling water. Let it cool and steep for 12 hours, and then drink it throughout the day after your fever is reduced. To best apply this treatment for children, place onion slices in their socks and put the socks on their feet. Because potato prevents bacteria from latching on to vulnerable cells in the body, potato serves as a barrier to bacteria.

When someone has one or more of these symptoms, the key is to eat foods that settle the stomach. The Mayo Clinic said the best home remedies if you are sick are to drink lots of fluids, get rest, and have some soup; you can even have some potato soup. After searching online for medical literature on this topic, we couldn’t find any clear evidence that a sliced potato in your sock would cure a virus.

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that potatoes can cure a fever, though the myth still persists. Babies and small children have more sensitive skin and may have an allergic reaction to the potato. Do a test patch by placing a small piece of raw potato on the skin. Check your skin every 15 minutes to make sure there’s no reaction.