Here, at Hair Spies, she blogs about all things hairdressing, hair tools, and everyday hair care. If you have longer hair, you may want to consider a braided ponytail. Simply divide your hair into three sections and braid each section down to the ends. Once you reach the end of each braid, secure it with an elastic band. If you want, you can leave a few inches of hair unbraided at the bottom for a more relaxed look. Begin braiding each section, starting from the back of the head and working forward.

Adding long bobby pins to your wrapped hair will make it extra secure and enhance the straightening effect. Brush your hair after you wake up and you’ll be good to go in the morning. If you go to sleep with even a small bit of moisture in your hair, it may be contributing to hair breakage or matted hair in the morning.

To create a low ponytail, gather your hair into a low ponytail using a hair tie. We’ve all been guilty of heading to bed soon after showering and falling asleep protective hairstyles for sleeping before our hair dries. Just as our mothers chided us for the bad habit when we were young, hairstylists scold us for still doing it in our adult years.

This style keeps the hair off your face hence preventing products from transferring to the face. Make sure it is not too tight as it could make you uncomfortable while sleeping and may cause scalp damage. After a long day, it’s very tempting to pass out on the bed without giving much attention to your hair, but this is not good. There’s coffee to brew, outfits to choose and morning mantras to be… well, mantra’d. Ensuring that your hair is moisturized, nourished and beautiful shouldn’t consume your entire morning routine. Scrunch gel or other curl-defining hair products into wet strands.

This is another easy, unique hairdo for a protective night sleep. This style requires you to pack all your hair to the top center, then twist the hair. This involves you forming two to three pineapples on top of your head. However, if your hair is still too short for this, you might have to stick to using just the satin bonnet or silk scarf.