The more charge Mercy has on her meter, the more launch speed she’ll have when canceling Guardian Angel with a jump. He can be incredibly challenging to defeat and is very powerful in any configuration. Characters like Mei and Doomfist pose Lucio’s greatest dangers because they have the ability to slow down in response to his quickness. Apart from some significant balance changes, Lucio is another Overwatch 2 hero who hasn’t undergone many alterations. It even removes debuffs and stunned effects, enabling Kiriko to block opposing Reinhardt Earthshatters, Ana Biotic Grenades, and other attacks. Kiriko can employ her Swift Step when she has to withdraw or move closer to a teammate.

This power erects a wide route on the ground that grants Kiriko and her allies bonuses like as faster movement, attack, and reload speeds, shorter cooldowns for abilities, and higher movement and reload speed. It works great for advancing goals, but it can also be employed well in defense when your team is advancing to engage the opponent in a second round of combat distance between rome and venice after successfully repelling their original assault. The hitbox of the projectiles fired by Junkrat’s Frag Launcher has increased, making it simpler for players to throw grenades straight at their adversaries and deal maximum damage. Due to its additional 20 damage and quicker placement in Overwatch 2, Steel Trap is also more efficient than it was in the original.

One of the few Ultimates, Graviton Surge also has the power to crowd-control agile heroes for simple follow-up damage. Like other grounded and brawny tanks, she is vulnerable to tank busters such as Bastion and Junkrat. The enhancements to Wrecking Ball’s armor, health, and Adaptive Shield have made him more resistant than ever. This will aid him in surviving as he uses his machine guns to weaken heroes and knock the opposing squad about. Furthermore, Wrecking Ball’s knockback against foes has been improved, enabling him to roll through opposing compositions and break them up more quickly. All Wrecking Ball changes Wrecking Ball has received a buff that increases his durability, extending the time he can survive as a single tank.

The new armor now benefits more multiple bits damage and hurts more single shots. In OW2, armor is simply the top X amount of HP for the heroes that have it. It is mostly Tanks that get it, but some other heroes have a small amount as well.

Similar to the original game, the best way to use D.Va is to nullify enemy projectiles and abilities with her Defense Matrix while harassing foes with her Fusion Cannons and Micro Missiles. Her Boosters are also as useful as ever for chasing down enemies and bullying ranged heroes off high-ground positions. By increasing the impact damage of her Boosters and slightly reducing the cooldown of Micro Missiles, D.Va will now be able to aggressively deal strong bursts of damage against her opponents more frequently.