I made a difference this summer when I wrote a sentencing memorandum that led to a probation sentence for a client who needed help, not prison. Working for the Wisconsin State Public Defender is about serving those who often feel like they have no one. My office represented clients who did not have the money to hire a private attorney and were accused of felonies.

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My favorite part of the MJC was being able to work one on one with clients to help fill out family forms paperwork. I worked directly with clients and I could tell I was improving the world roblox app icon by just giving people hope. I made a difference this summer when I supported individuals in a Deferred Prosecution Agreement and worked with victims to make sure they were made whole again.

She specializes in bacterial virulence factor gene expression during infections using techniques that include molecular biology, genomics, and microscopy. Once a client had their questions answered and were armed with information instead of hearsay, they generally seemed less scared and more hopeful. While the immigration process can be unsympathetic and inflexible, I hope my work at Refugee & Immigration Services made a small difference by making the clients feel capable, protected, and valued. I learned more though this hands-on experience than I could possibly learn in any class. Being able to experience a case from start to finish and prep the materials for it and look at the evidence helped me to visualize and understand how criminal courts actually run.

These challenges effectively disappear for people who receive a pardon from the Governor, helping them to live more fulfilling lives for themselves, their families and friends, and their communities. I made a difference in someone’s life when the pardon application I worked on was approved by the Wisconsin pardon board. The MJC helps unrepresented litigants navigate family court processes. I served people facing many different legal issues and worked alongside attorneys providing legal advice.

The division also conducts grand jury hearings to secure indictments for felony crimes. I primarily drafted criminal complaints as well as arrest and search warrants. The Illinois student practice rule allowed me to conduct over 25 grand jury hearings.

She and I spent hours on the phone going through the SSDI appeal, where we had to list every doctor she has, every hospital/clinic she had visited, and every medication she took. She had a positive attitude, despite the pain she was in and the many appointments and services she had to manage. Although I do not know what the outcome of her appeal will be, I am happy that I was able to help her complete the long process of obtaining much-needed SSDI benefits. Working with corporation counsel allowed me to gain experience in many different areas of law. I learned that in Wisconsin, persons convicted of felonies – though they still can vote – cannot own a firearm or run for public office. Moreover, these persons often face serious difficulties with securing and sustaining employment or housing due to prior convictions.