With over 270 miles of coastline, Puerto Rico is home to an array of beautiful beaches. Reusable water bottleNo matter where you travel, it’s important to be as eco-friendly as possible. Instead of buying water everywhere you go, save money and protect the planet by bringing your own bottle. You’ll need one for beaches, hikes, and long car rides anyway. If you forget to pack one, buy one in Puerto Rico and get yourself an awesome souvenir. Your typical beachwearIs my Puerto Rico packing list both practical and full of items for the ‘gram?

You could take public busses, but they don’t go everywhere. Hire a car, befriend a local, or go on a local day tour if you want to see more of the island. Transportation between islands is available by boat or small plane.

Even if I’m not going to wear them for 6 months or more, at least I’ll have a new suit for my next trip that I got for a much better price. Hiking boots– There are lots of excellent hiking trails, so get your feel comfortable because you will walk a lot. ID / Passport / Documents – If you’re an American citizen, you don’t need a passport to go to Puerto Rico; just a photo ID will suffice. For kids, usually a birth certificate is good for travel. Sunblock – Get one with strong UV protection, Puerto Rico’s tropical sun has no mercy.

I wore a lightweight, very light-colored cotton t-shirt (like these great tees from J.Crew) and it was mostly fine for my main day of hiking. That being said, you should definitely be packing bug spray to avoid this and if you are pregnant you will either want to load up the spray or avoid this part of the island altogether. I saw a few people in hiking boots, which I’m sure was great, but if you don’t have a pair or you don’t want to pack them, then don’t worry about it. Most of the paths in El Yunque are either flattened or have some form of paved or wooded pathway. When going to and from the beach, you want something that covers you a bit and is cute enough to wear to lunch. I have dark brown hair (when I’m not dying it blonde) and it can get very hot in the sun, so a hat is a must for me at the beach.

A 20-litre bag should be big enough to fit the essentials – a microfiber towel, a bottle of water, suncream, your phone and camera, wallet/purse, snacks and a sweater or rain jacket. The climate is mild throughout most of the year, but if you’re in the mountains, it could get cold at night. Otherwise, this Puerto Rico packing list should suit your trip year-round! Don’t forget to bring waterproof items like a rain jacket and sandals for those afternoon storms.

I wanted shorts that were cool and could dry quickly in the humid temperatures. And of course a backpack was essential for hiking and carrying water bottles and snacks. When we went out to wander around the city for the day, we brought important stuff like my camera, water tipping puerto rico bottles, wallets, sunglasses, sunscreen, and more. A small, adorable backpack is perfect to make this feel easy vs. overwhelming. Even nighttime attire is still pretty casual in Puerto Rico. From December to April you’ll need to pack a sweatshirt for the evening.

Tennis shoes– For some activities, you’ll need closed toe shoes, but I packed mine to go running. Tevas, Chacos or athletic sandals– I wore my Tevas instead of flip flops to the beach and tramping around El Yunque National Forest. Think mango orange, coral red, citron green and turquoise blue.

Therefore, you should bring both a very light rain jacket with stowable hoodie as well as summer or beach attire when planning what to pack for Puerto Rico. Your packing list will, of course, feature the obvious such as a camera, sunscreen, a bathing suit, and a toothbrush but we’ve broken it down for you below. Continue reading to find out what to wear in Puerto Rico. The headlines on the news can be discouraging, as they focus on parts of the island that are not typical tourist areas. Puerto Rico can still offer sunshine, beach time and many fun activities.

Puerto Rico is offering cheap flights to encourage visitors to the island – you can set an alertflight deals here. Caroline Eubanks is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, but has also called Charleston, South Carolina and Sydney, Australia home. After college graduation and a series of useless part-time jobs, she went to Australia for a working holiday. In that time, she worked as a bartender, bungee jumped, scuba dived, pet kangaroos, held koalas and drank hundreds of cups of tea. Towel– Travel towels are great, but not so much for laying on the beach. You may want to splurge on a full sized towel for this trip.

Now that you’ve got your packing list, time for some Puerto Rico travel tips. The flight time from Miami to Puerto Rico is approximately two and a half hours. Puerto Rico is less than four hours from New York City with lots of direct flights. For anyone on the east coast of the USA, Puerto Rico is a viable long weekend getaway. Hop a flight after work on Friday evening and be home by Monday night having spent three full days in the sunshine.