Framebridge’s customer support was easier to contact than that of other sites such as Artifact Uprising. Framebridge offers flat-rate pricing that includes printing, mats, and shipping, and it costs about the same as other services we tested. An extra-small piece costs $65, small costs $85, and medium costs $100. The service will frame art up to 32 by 40 inches, one of the widest ranges of sizes available from the services we tried . Depending on where you live, Framebridge’s prices might be comparable to those of custom framers. Using an online framing service falls in between buying a ready-made frame and going to a custom shop.

That was over a week ago and I haven’t gotten anyone to answer the phone since then. I’ve bought from this place before with no issues, but guess things have changed a lot from reading comments below. One frame has been replaced, but it was also incomplete. I put my order in two and a half months ago, and I still don’t have a complete frame that I paid for. The last communication took 10 business days to get a response, and that was to my inquiry about receiving the incomplete frame for a second time. I cringe every time a pictureframes package ends up on my doorstep.

At that time, I found their selection of frames quite satisfactory and their customer service reasonably good. Recently, I placed an order for a large frame, and I discovered that they disabled their phone line, in addition of ignoring e-mails. I waited for 4 weeks to have an update for my order before e-mailing them to let them know that if I do not hear from them within 3 days, I will cancel my order. I am no longer going to do business with this company.

I needed a frame as soon as possible, so I noted the anticipated 4-day production time on the website and paid for expedited shipping. Then I received an order confirmation by email that said the production time was days and worried I was cutting it too close to when I needed the frame. I tried immediately to contact the company to cancel my order but could not reach them by any method. I called several times, but their outgoing message said that they were not answering their phones so they could focus on production.

Other styles of frames including photo boxes and digital picture frames, which are used for displaying digital pictures. Your picture frame style depends on your decor, personal taste, and the picture you’d like to display. We mainly what if parents guide focused on full-service companies that printed and framed photos as well as framed art, and we mostly avoided those that ship empty frames for self-assembly. We did, however, try one self-framing service to see how it measured up.

I received an email stating my order has been shipped. They completely ignored my request to honor the discount or cancel the order. I will NEVER order from this company again. I’ve been writing about home decor for Wirecutter for two years. I’ve also used custom framers and framed my own art myself, so I’m familiar with the varying levels of quality you might get.

Online framing services offer an easy way to frame art. The results look nicer than off-the-rack frames and generally cost less than the work of custom shops. After researching 13 services and testing five, we think Framebridge delivers the most consistently attractive and well-made frames for art and photos.

The Americanflat frame is designed for horizontal or vertical hanging on a wall, and may be used with or without matting. Picture frames are one of the most important decorative elements in a home. They highlight artwork and family memories, and add color and design to walls and tabletops.

Ordered several times; but relevantly – about a year ago, ordered several frames. Unfortunately, one of those frames fell off wall hook last yr, badly bending the frame. We received our Framebridge order with a small chip on one of the frames even though it was well packaged and padded with bubble wrap.

Website is outdated with a long list of issues that haven’t been, and will likely never be, fixed. There are a couple of exceptions but for the most part, INCOMPETENT MANAGEMENT throughout. Turnover is unlike any other place I have worked the past 15 years. This is a company that will not advance your skillset or career.