There are strange moments of comedy — an old man has a password , and in a few scenes we have a young boy’s password as motherfucker123. At the heart of it are two friends Antony George and Vinay Dasan . Both have completed their B-Tech, given a slew of mug-up-spit-up examinations, and yet, like the many flailing engineering educated youth in the oversaturated job market, find themselves unemployed or underemployed. They want a stable job, worthy of the decades of pain endured of searing sentences and concepts into their memory.

The film is structured as a series of cyber crimes and the police’s efforts at tracking them down, almost as a mini-series with a few independent episodes. Almost all of these stories have been inspired from various incidents of cyber crime reported from across the country in the past decade. The script does manage to maintain the tension in each of these separate episodes, although some of these cases are solved thanks to some convenient, easy coincidences.

I had known Balettan for years, and when I decided to do this movie, I went to his house and told him about the role. Will the audience accept it if an old man like me is part of a film that largely has a young cast? ” I told him I needed somebody with his body language and it was just a day’s shoot.

Besides, the cases get you easily intrigued by talking about online film piracy, fake viral porn clips, nurses’ employment scam, murders, and more. The most-watched and popular TV serials are the ones showcasing investigations of real-life cases of crimes solved by the police department. So, if you are addicted to that kind of content then Operation Java is a perfect choice for you, as an anthology of many interesting cases of cyber-crimes solved by the officials with the help of two young interns. Operation Java maintains a particular level of enthusiasm throughout its narrative. Rather than making it look like a superhuman effort, it gives you an idea about the collective action behind these investigations. In the present political climate, it will be interesting to see how people will react to this movie’s politics that takes the side of the temporary staff in the battle for a permanent job.

We had a police officer named Jacob Mani to guide us during the scripting and dubbing sessions. So, we had to localise that and didn’t know how to go about it. The film is about two jobless engineering graduates named Vinayadasan and Antony. The two who were struggling to find a job got a temporary posting in Kerala police’s cyber cell when they helped them track the guy behind the leakage of the Premam movie. What we see in Operation Java is the life of these two characters, along with the multiple cases in which they assisted the police. Impressed by their enthusiasm and knowledge of the cyber world, the cyber cell rope them in as temporary staff.

Weirdly, there’s even the repetition of a problematic gaze you saw early on in Action Hero Biju. In Operation Java, we get the film’s only prominent female character playing yet another theppukaari while a couple of other female characters and their promiscuity are judged and played up for laughs. The views expressed in comments published on are those of the comment writers alone. reserves the right to take any or all comments down at any time.

He enjoyed the process and before leaving he said it was one of his most memorable characters. But what I mean is that some cameos are so powerful, they stay on in our minds. I called up Mani sir and asked him how the police would have investigated such a case in Kerala; we went entirely with what they told us. The additions were minor gimmicks that ensured that the movie would keep the audience hooked till the end. We tweaked it further on the editing table and that made the movie gripping. So, I believe it was the teamwork that has made Operation Java a crisp entertainer.

You’d think that regular police officers would invariably be dealing with bigger more exciting cases, with the Cyber Cell being called in for smaller/pettier ones. In a sense, it’s like assuming that a film about cyber criminals is like a film about dentists raja vikramarka review when what you’re really used to are films about complex neurosurgeons. From leaked porn clips and the impact it has on a family to how data mining companies operate, the novelty of the cases are such that they’re always engaging, if not also informative.

More details regarding the remake version is expected to be out in the coming days. ‘Operation Java’ has an elaborate cast that includes Balu Varghese, Lukman, Vinayakan, Irshad, Shine Tom Chacko, Binu Pappu, Dhanya Ananya, Mamitha Baiju, Vineetha Koshy, Johny Antony and Prashanth Alexander. Cinematographer Faiz Siddik, music director Jakes Bejoy and editor Nishad Yousef comprise the core technical crew. If you are already a registered user of The Hindu and logged in, you may continue to engage with our articles. If you do not have an account please register and login to post comments.