Especially, if you are training hard throughout the day. The easiest way to reach this amount of protein is to eat lean meats like poultry, seafood, and beef. Overall, energy requirements for combat athletes will vary largely depending on their height, weight, and training schedule. While combat sports are weight-based, significantly decreasing food intake/skipping meals to elicit weight loss is not advisable. Extreme dieting and weight cutting practices can lead to serious health consequences and severely damage performance potential. While the life of an MMA fighter or boxer may seem hard enough in the ring, a large part of any fight is cutting weight for the weigh-in.

However, with minimally processed whole foods you will be able to maintain that high training capacity for much longer. Most UFC fighters have finally figured this out. Have you noticed that more and more professional fighters are hiring nutrition coaches and specialists? For awhile most UFC fighters were handling their own nutrition and weight cut during training camps. This was not wise, and they finally learned the important of proper dieting and nutrition. UFC fighters will manipulate their water intake and dehydrate their bodies to lose as much weight as possible in the week running up to the fight.

Salt contains sodium, and sodium ties to water, which will give you bad results on the scales. Yeah, the food will taste bland and weird, but it’s all worth it in the end if you manage to endure a week of torture. The average weight cut of UFC fighters is around pounds in the last five days before the weigh-in. They do tadalafil dosage bodybuilding that by using the dehydration process I’ve described earlier, as it allows them to regain a good chunk of that weight before they step into the octagon. The same thing goes for eating starches, sugars, and salt. It’s too many calories, and it pulls water into the organism, which will lead to an unsuccessful weight cut.

However, the fighters won’t retain all that fluid. In fact, probably about 25% of it will be lost as urine. They gain as much weight as humanly possible in 24 hours. I only have .25 gallons of water to last me the entire day.

Once a week, go enjoy yourself, but realize that it is a once in awhile thing. Go out with friends, have a bbq, go on a date, etc…Enjoy. For this example, I’m going to assume you want to maintain your current bodyweight while training. The most accurate way to determine your maintenance calories is to track your intake for a week. It must be a full 7 days as you often eat differently on the weekend compared to weekdays.

You can achieve this by cutting your basal metabolic rate by 500-1,000 calories. So if you have a fight coming up in a few months start early, because it will give your body more time to adjust to the lower weight. Yoel Romero eats his proteinLastly, you want to consume a high-quality protein source after training. This is the best time to drink a whey protein shake.