They then started the nonprofitPink Pumpkin Patch Foundationto raise funds for breast cancer research, too. In terms of energy, blue pumpkins indicate a rare energy since they themselves are rare. High in beta-carotene, fiber, vitamins A and C and potassium, blue pumpkins can also be cooked. They’re most often used for baking, boiling, steaming and roasting but since they’re on the sweeter side, Australian Blue pumpkins are usually used for pie fillings, cakes and scones.

Like clockwork, officials and volunteers at Mothers Against Drunk Driving work hard to bring these sad facts to light. They send out urgent messages in conjunction with other state and federal transportation agencies, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, encouraging everyone to designate a sober driver or stay put. And while the nonprofit works tirelessly to spread this message far and wide, some local high schools have previously gone the extra mile to keep their streets safe by organizing red pumpkin campaigns.

They all mean something and it is usually to spread an important message or awareness for a certain type of initiative. Rather than focus on trick-or-treating buckets, other families have adapted the idea, instead displaying blue-painted pumpkins on their porch, backyards or lawns. Those who display blue pumpkins aim to kickstart conversations about Autism Spectrum Disorders throughout the season, rather than just on Halloween.

It’s an excellent way to support a cure for it while decorating your porch with a Porcelain Doll F1 pink pumpkin and your table with a Porcelain Princess F1, a smaller but equally beautiful pumpkin. Dolls & Dollhouses / 8 hours agoThe Rainbow High series is a collection of 11-inch fashion dolls recognizable for bright rainbow-themed hair, stylish clothing and upscale accessories. The black is meant to symbolize the darkness and cold that comes with winter. Like Caspers or Australian Blues, these pumpkins are either naturally yellow or are cultivated to be that way. They also don’t indicate anything specific in terms of health concerns or allergies. Some varieties of pumpkins—or squash, really—aren’t orange at all but stay yellow, naturally.

Just like with the purple pumpkins, purple color buckets can indicate the child has epilepsy. While you may not be able to offer specific candy/items during trick-or-treating, it helps knowing about this in case the child has a seizure. Just like the colored pumpkins, if a child has a teal bucket it can mean that child suffers from food allergies and will need allergy-friendly treats or offer non-food treats like small toys, stickers, pencils, or glow sticks. Purple pumpkins and pails signify that a member of the household or the trick-or-treater themselves has epilepsy. This originally started with the “Purple Pumpkin Project” as a way to spread awareness. The most popular pumpkin remains the orange and black pumpkin pails from your childhood, but even those carry meaning.

The high visibility around teal pumpkins — which have become a symbol of comfort for those facing foodborne allergies — comes after many years of awareness and education efforts by those whose health is threatened by popular Halloween candy and chocolate products. For Priscilla Hernandez, the promise of a fun, family-filled night of meeting neighbors while trick-or-treating ended up dashed when she realized her son Zacky, now 9 years old, had severe aversions to almost every kind of Halloween treat. You probably remember the black and orange pumpkin pails from your childhood. And the symbolism of darkness is especially interesting because, throughout history, darkness has been believed to be a time when the spirit world crosses into the world of the living. When the fall season arrives, orange pumpkins tend to be on store shelves and growing in patches everywhere.

White pumpkins are called Casper pumpkins—aptly named for your favorite friendly ghost! Like porcelain doll pumpkins and Australian Blues, Casper’s aren’t exactly ideal for carving jack-o-lanterns, but they sure do look pretty. “Pumpkins are ripe for the picking in one single month of the year and October coincided with Samhain,” energy healers Emily and Jessica Leung ofLove Twintuitivesexplain of the Gaelic holiday. “The Irish/UK/Scottish immigrants brought their carved turnips/potato tradition over to scare away spirits because Samhain is the time when the veil between spirits is thinnest.” “The efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID really disrupted children’s lives, and they’re paying the price,” Dr. Lynn Bufka said.

One of the oldest pumpkin varieties grown in the U.S., Long Island Cheese pumpkins also contain edible seeds and can be used in pumpkin pie recipes, too. “Blue pumpkins are tied to the throat chakra and communication center,” Leung says. da professionals ag “They are the rarest of all varieties and resonate the highest truth, communicating freely and clearly the uniqueness it represents.” The tenth installment of the “Twitter Files” alleges the social media platform rigged the COVID debate.

“At first, it seemed like such a lonely road because nobody that I knew had food allergies, nor their children,” says Priscilla, adding that she stumbled upon FARE after seeing a solitary teal pumpkin display while walking an area far from home. That first glance would end up leading her to become a national ambassador for the organization, sharing how she and her husband Zack Munoz have since created an allergen-free safe haven for Zacky in their home in Pasadena, California. “[Zacky’s] first Halloween was so anxiety-filled when he was three… because food is the biggest obstacle to this night revolving around candy. But all kids look forward to Halloween, right? The teal campaign changed everything for us.” Painted in an array of colors tied to personal stories and particular causes, certain colorful pumpkins impart messages often overlooked around Halloween.