Normally, Google tweaks the algorithm but it can take weeks. The user who left the review is located nowhere near you or has never physically visited your location. Your business offers Wi-Fi that customers connect to and you’ve why have my google reviews disappeared logged into your Google Business Profile account from this Wi-Fi. Hopefully, working your way through this article has helped to diagnose what might be going on under the hood, from duplicate listings to reviewer errors.

If you work up a case study with this proof, I can get you in contact with some of the really big SEO websites. I know they would love to share this type of information with the world. Well dear, every small business owner, something you are probably are not, works hours a day to make his/her small business a good one. And the they DO matter, each and every one of them.

All file Recovery & Duplicate files Remover feature is included to find duplicate pictures, videos, audio & documents and remove them from your storage. There are two main words I can think of to describe this app; FALSE. It doesn’t always find your most recently-deleted pictures. It would be nice if it had a “Select All” feature; it’s very time consuming having to tap your photos one at a time, especially when trying to restore large files that were accidentally deleted. Overall, though, a useful app if you’re into photography.

Fill out the form below to get a quote for your multi-location business. We will email you back directly and answer any additional questions you may have. I did not think Google used the algorithm junk like yelp. I thought all reviews, the way it should be, showed unless they were profane or violated the main standards or were flagged and the review team agreed they were inappropriate. Post on the Google My Business forum and provide tons of details with screenshots etc on how you know the reviews are fake. I wrote a review for a place in Seattle called “Biscuit Bitch” and using the word “bitch” in my review caused it to get filtered.

You can appeal to Google Business Profile Support for the filtered review to show. Try it out for free and discover how exciting it is to watch your Google My Business listing climb to the top of the pack, helping future customers find you first, authentically. If your review contains obscene, profane or offensive language or gestures, Google will remove it. It may also be removed for containing personal information.