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We have a guide to thebest photo editing software, as well as a guide to the bestlaptops for photo editingfor some tips on what to look for. Before you head on, I wanted to share some more photography content that I think you’ll find useful, that I’ve put together based on my years working as a photographer. I use Lightroom for my end-to-end photography workflow, from managing my photos through to photo editing. I have been using SmugMug as a portfolio and sales site for my photos, and I wanted to share my thoughts on how I have found using the platform.

I am happy that just serving low resolution versions of the images is sufficient protection. In terms of adding images, this was also really easy. What I really like about SmugMug from an image classify each action as contractionary or expansionary monetary policy management perspective is that they have a Lightroom plugin. Compared to setting up my own website and store on WordPress, a process which took days and days, this was refreshingly simple.

You can now upload and backup RAW files to SmugMug, although this does come at an extra cost. Depending on the size of your image library, this may or may not work out to be good value for you. So first off, let me just say how nice and easy SmugMug is to use for building a great looking portfolio.

So it’s not quite a one-click approach, but it shouldn’t be too onerous. For those in Lightroom, you can use the Lightrooma pp. It’s available for an amazing one-off price for lifetime access, and I think you should check it out. It’s also available as a gift if you know someone who is interested in getting into photography. If you found this post helpful, and you want to improve your photography overall, you might want to check out myonline travel photography course. For more options for sharing and selling your work, see our guide to selling photos online, which has a number of other platforms you can try out.

However, the main protection that I appreciate is that SmugMug only shows users a small preview of any image. The full size image is stored on the SmugMug server, and only used if someone decides to order a product, at which point the full size image is sent to the print lab. I also appreciate the various features that SmugMug has to help protect my images.

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