A man filmed dancing on top of a moving lorry died after he was struck by an oncoming bridge. A video recorded by a nearby driver shows the unidentified man climbing aboard the white Rapid 18-wheeler truck before appearing to dance on top of it. The man seemingly jumped or climbed onto the 18-wheeler as it was moving.

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A group of youngsters were pictured on top of a moving subway in Brooklyn in June. One was seen dancing and others were walking between the subway cars while the rest were sitting on the edge. Incidents of people riding on top of moving vehicles appear to have increased in the United States in the last few months, according to Metro. It is reported he ducked one overpass before was then hit by a second bridge. The incident occurred as the lorry passed under Tuan Street Bridge, Houston Police confirmed.

I have a full-time job on top of that so it’s very difficult, causing me to consider making this my full-time. When I first started Street Reporting, I would get to a crime scene and ushered away by law-enforcement. Time and persistence and being accurate and not forming judgment or bias has helped launch my news page into a legit source of news for a lot of my following.

It was revealed today that Kirsty Buchan resigned from her post at Bannerman High School in Glasgow, after the racy pics emerged online. An investigation into the tragic incident has since been launched by Houston Police. The truck driver was interviewed by officers, however later released after he was found not to have been impaired. The statement said that the driver was not impaired and was questioned and released. According to police, an 18-wheeler driver was traveling southbound when, unknown to him, a man jumped or climbed onto the top of the trailer portion of his vehicle.

He was filmed dancing on top of the 18-wheeler truck by a nearby motorist. New video shows a man dancing on top of an 18-wheeler before he was knocked off while going under a bridge. Houston police say the truck driver was evaluated after the incident and found to not be impaired. A man in Houston, Texas, is dead after falling off the top of an 18-wheeler that he was dancing on top of when it passed under a bridge. A 25-year-old man who appears to have been recording himself dancing atop an 18-wheeler slammed into a bridge and died later. The lengths people go to stunt for social media, only to tragically lose their lives.

@DailyMail All this crazy stuff people do now for “likes” or attention is so very sad… She is very actively pro police and spreads a lot of the conservative viewpoints. The truck driver was questioned and released after he was found not to be impaired.

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He was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. If someone is missing in Houston, Castillo helps their loved ones by posting vital information. She’s also frequently helped, personally, in searches for missing persons. If there is news happening in the “hood,” or anywhere else in Houston, “Grizzy’s Hood News” is there. And, if she’s not, she’s posting videos or photos from her thousands of followers, known as the “Hood News Peeps” on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. According to a local newspaper, the victim was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital but was sadly pronounced dead.