The match gave the model wannabes an opportunity to showcase their abilities after being off of television for a bit, but this was all about Legado del Fantasma. Del Toro and Wilde showed up and showed out, winning a fairly easy match and cashing their ticket to next week and a showdown with Imperium. A video package recapped the physical altercation that occurred in the backstage area between SmackDown Women’s champion Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville a week ago as The Queen entered the arena for an in-ring promo. Two weeks after The Viking Raiders attacked Sheamus and Drew McIntyre in a moment captured exclusively for, the teams battled in the opening match of the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tournament. But when it comes to people used on TV, it’s a different story.

A knee to the face sets up a German suplex and a sliding knee gives Asuka two. He lost a lot and worked his way up, even if he was looking at the lights most nights. Now he has a second chance, and he isn’t taking it for granted. Rollins isn’t denying him a second chance so Rollins will have to kill him. So let’s run it back one more time…..inside the Cell. Rollins, who seems to be backstage, pops up to say Rhodes is nuts because anyone inside that Cell with him is changed.

All three members of Imperium blindsided Sheamus after “The Celtic Warrior” tried to stop Zayn from interfering in the match. The Usos took advantage of the chaos and finished off Butch. Bayley is also thrilled about beating Bianca Belair, who appears when her name is mentioned.

But Lashley is up there too, and he ends up on the top rope hooking Miz to drop him down with a big superplex. Rhea Ripley says there’s only one man left now, and Dominik will challenge Edge to a match next week. They argue over whether Tyson Fury did Theory a favor by not letting him get crushed by Reigns or McIntyre, and Austin tells KO he’s simply jealous. Owens reminds Theory that 18 months ago, he had Reigns beaten, and would have ended the two-year run just six months in if not for Jey Uso and Paul Heyman. He also insists the only reason Theory has the MITB briefcase is because he wasn’t in that match. Kevin Owens’ music hits, suggesting KO has something to say about all this.

Angel and Humberto come from a rich Lucha family history. They’ll never forget their family roots, but at the same time, they’re looking to carve out their own legacy in WWE. Known collectively on SmackDown as Los Lotharios, the duo found some success in recent months including a victory over The New Day. These “Lethal Lovers” even challenged Ricochet on the eve of WrestleMania. Lothario is a word dating back to the turn of the eighteenth century. Though still in use today, most people are unaware that Lothario is actually a proper name.

Insults ensue, including Dana saying Carmella hasn’t mattered since the Guy With No Chin was here. Truth runs up and asks Carmella for help getting the title back. Sure, but she wants Dana Brooke when the time is right. As we continue adding people to this thing.

Sikoa viciously assaulted Moss and Ricochet, further establishing his friendship with Zayn. Sami Zayn is officially in with The Bloodline. After months of winning over members of Roman Reigns’ faction on WWE SmackDown, Zayn was properly welcomed into the fold on Friday night. Don Lothario is a character from bio-rad coupon code the sims 2 and the sims 3 that is a very romantic and rather hot-headed individual. He has two girl friends in The sims 2 and in the sims 3 is thought he has teleported somewhere in the past to live more romantic adventures. His traits are hot-headed,charismatic,commitment issues,romantic and schmoozer.

He is forever over with the WWE faithful because he is the antithesis of the prototypical Superstar. The Prizefighter made his way through the crowd, standing tall among the fans to close out the show. If it is given enough time, that has the potential to be a gem of a match. Again, the tournament is heel heavy, but Legado del Fantasma is talented enough and has the ability to pull off the crowd-pleasing high-flying offense to win the WWE Universe over against Kaiser and Vinci. Ma.çé and mån.sôör returned to SmackDown, accompanied by Maxxine Dupri, as they battled Legado del Fantasma’s Cruz del Toro and Joaquin Wilde in the final tournament match of the week. He followed up moments later with a springboard moonsault to Butch.Vinci delivered a brainbuster on the floor to Butch, setting Holland up for the finish.

Therefore, Ali has a different opponent. Instead of the same, repetitive and predictable segment that we have seen a thousand times before, Owens attacked from out of nowhere, dropping Solo Sikoa before delivering a Stunner to The Tribal Chief. He put him through a table, signed the contract and stared down Zayn as he hit the ring to make the save. Holland and Butch had the heels reeling late in the match, surging after being on the defensive throughout the commercial break. The heels, though, rallied late, with Vinci laying out Butch before joining Kaiser for an Imperium Bomb for the win.

Cole made a crack about Top Dolla staying grounded, a reference to his botched dive a few weeks back, and the big man brought the match out to the commentary table. He berated the announcer before continuing his attack on his opponent. It was a nice reminder that he is not willing to be the butt of the joke anymore. B-Fab interfered, Ashante scored the rollup on Angel, and Top Dolla prevented Humberto from making the save as Hit Row advanced to a showdown with Sheamus and McIntyre on next week’s show.