Watch now to learn how to create unique, engaging content that will make your business stand out. Notice the addition of the Check In button on this view of the same Page from a mobile device. \n\nNotice the addition of the Check In button on this view of the same Page from a mobile device. If you’re unable to merge your Pages, it means that your Pages aren’t eligible to be merged — check to make sure that the business information on both pages is as closely matched as possible.

Once they confirm your identity as the owner of the business, they’ll transfer the page’s ownership to you. Once completed, Facebook needs some time to process and confirm your wendys request. Recovering a hacked Facebook account might not be straightforward if the hacker has gone deep into it. However, having some trusted contacts can increase your chance.

We have recently used this letter and were able to get access in two business days. Overall I was very satisfied with Facebook representatives. Your Facebook Page has been successfully created in the Business Manager.

4) Next, you will be asked to select the phone number in which Facebook will call to verify the information. 3) A screen will be shown asking you to confirm your relationship to the business. Fill in all relevant information including the publicly listed phone number.

After submitting your request, Facebook will contact you via email within a business day , asking you a couple of questions to confirm your request. Under “Attachments,” upload any attachment that can further prove your ownership of the page. You’ll also see the “Is this your business?” tag on the page. Click the link. In that case, the top thing you can do is contact an admin to add you back; this should work if you know one who is still active on the page. However, if this doesn’t work, give us a call on contact us and we can possibly expedite the process for you. But please be aware, due to Meta’s rules, we cannot help anyone with a private page that has been hacked.

In this post we’ll dive deeper and explain step by step how to claim a Facebook page you don’t already manage. Under the cover image of a business page, there will be an “Unofficial Page” label when there are no admins anymore. Adding this page to an official verified business page or providing information will lead to a claim to this page. Just like creating a page, you will need to enter information about your business.