The OARs and target dose differences between the nominal and recalculated dose distributions were found to be strongly dependent on the subgroup of patients. Nevertheless, dose differences were found to be ≤ 5% for 88% of all analyzed OARs, and planning target volume/clinical target volume V95% was reduced by ≤5% in 87%/90% of cases. Conclusions Despite anatomic variations, clinically delivered plans have been found to be robust to anatomic changes, with replanning being deemed necessary in only a small number of cases. However, because the dosimetric effect of such changes can be quite large for some cases, they have to be monitored and evaluated on an individual basis. To enable magnetic resonance -only radiotherapy and facilitate modelling of radiation attenuation in humans, synthetic-CT images need to be generated.

Despite their literally dying for the white Texans, the Tonkawa were endangered on the Brazos Reservation. Indeed, once a settler accused two Tonkawa warriors of killing a man, and Plácido fled, seeking refuge with other Indians—all of whom refused him sanctuary. Only the timely intervention of Robert Neighbors, who convinced the US military not to pursue the matter, kept the settlers from hanging Plácido. Increasing harassment by white settlers had made Texas increasingly dangerous for the Indian. In 1859, Indian agent Neighbors convinced the United States to allow the displacement of all the Texas tribes, (including Plácido and his Tonkawa), to a reservation in Indian Territory . Ford and his joint force of Rangers and Tonkawa began an all-day battle with a dawn attack on a sleeping Comanche village.

In 1961 he made his operatic debut in Mexico City and then went to Dallas to perform in its opera company. From 1962 to 1965 he was a resident performer at Tel Aviv’s Hebrew National Opera. He made his debut at the New York City Opera in 1965, at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City in 1968 , and at La Scala in Milan in 1969. Over the course of an opera career that lasted more than five decades, Domingo sang an unprecedented medmart reviews number of different roles—reaching 150 in 2018—and he continued to learn new parts into his 70s. He began adding baritone roles to his repertoire in 2009, many of which received wide acclaim. Plácido Domingo, , Spanish-born singer, conductor, and opera administrator whose resonant, powerful tenor voice, imposing physical stature, good looks, and dramatic ability made him one of the most popular tenors of his time.

Nevertheless, the successful translation of new technologies into clinical practice remains challenging. MRgRT can be considered a groundbreaking new technology that is capable of creating new perspectives towards an individualized, patient-oriented planning and treatment approach, especially due to the ability to use daily online adaptation strategies. Furthermore, MRL systems overcome the limitations of conventional image-guided radiotherapy, especially in soft tissue, where target and organs at risk need accurate definition.

The sCT generation required 5.6 s and 21 s for a single patient volume on a GPU and CPU, respectively. Results suggest that accurate MR-based dose calculation using sCT images generated with a cGAN trained on prostate cancer patients is feasible for the entire pelvis. The sCT generation was sufficiently fast to be integrated into an MR-guided radiotherapy workflow. MR is a versatile and suitable imaging modality for radiotherapy, as it enables direct visualization of the tumor and the surrounding organs at risk. Moreover, MRgRT provides real-time imaging to characterize and eventually track anatomical motion.