These durable, attractive dolls offer kids the chance to invent their own Little Charmers adventures long after the television has been turned off. As much as I like my Cutie Pops dolls, I actually like Posie’s interpretation of the big-headed look more. Phoebe Maybe Blythe, Posie, LPS mini Blythe.The very round heads of the Blythe dolls make Posie’s head look all the more egg-like. Posie has a very small mouth with a faint smile.

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I am glad that Spin Master decided to leave the mouths closed on these dolls. The dolls have a suggested retail price of $16.99, but are readily available for $12.99 right now. $12.99 is a much more reasonable price–in fact, I think $10 would be ideal.

My Posie’s eyes are a little crooked, though, and my Lavender has a large chip in her lip paint. The hard vinyl bodies feel durable, stand up nicely, and are easy to move. The 7.5 inch size also seems really great for little kids’ hands. My only complaint about the body design is that the dolls’ posing is limited by legs that can only bend forwards. I like the simplicity of the dresses in this series, and even appreciate the value of painted-on tights for dolls that are geared towards young children. The outfits would be even better if the dresses opened all of the way down the back for easier handling.

I wish there were more normal-headed normal-eyed playline dolls for you to run across in your toy store jaunts. I love your reviews and wish the giant-head, alien-eye trend ends soon. From the first moment I saw these dolls in the store, I was drawn to their sweet faces and interesting hair. Even with very strange facial proportions and huge, staring lalaloopsy mini list eyes, the girls manage to have a friendly, innocent charm that I find irresistible. Lavender’s hair does not have a huge amount of styling product in it, but the bangs are a little stiff and they shed some white dandruff when they’re manipulated. That said, I do like how the bangs are evenly cut and how they curl gently under at the ends.

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