Scott is an accomplished attorney, author and public speaker, having spoke at CannaCon, Cannabis Industrial Marketplace, CannabisAid, and 420 Canna Expo, to name a few. He has also taught Continuing Legal Education on Marijuana business matters, meaning other attorneys see him speak to learn about the nuances of cannabis business law. “The agency has been hearing concerns that the supply of marijuana produced by licensed growers exceeds, or may soon exceed, consumer demand,” the CRA said in a statement ahead of the hearing.

In Michigan, cannabis regulation, licensing and enforcement is overseen by the state’s appointed Cannabis Regulatory Agency , previously known as the Marihuana Regulatory Agency . Ranking in the upper middle of an overall state review, Michigan has earned numerous accolades for its favorable business climate. The Wolverine State offers a diverse and abundant workforce, business-friendly environment, low cost of living and global supply chain assets, including available business resources and capital. This state has passed alow THClaw allowing for the use of cannabis extracts that are high in CBD and low in THC in instances where a physician has recommended such treatment to a patient with a state-qualifying condition. The state allows conditional release or alternative or diversion sentencing for people facing their first prosecutions.

Fees for a city/municipality license can run up to $5000, and there’s a nonrefundable state application fee of $6000. As of June 13, 2018, Michigan had processed 546 pre-qualification applications and over 150 facility license applications. Ten years after Prop 1 passed, On November 6, 2018, Michigan voters approved The Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act, making Michigan the first state in the Midwest to create a recreational marijuana market. Marijuana Business Daily projects Michigan’s recreational cannabis market will generate $1.4 billion-$1.7 billion in annual sales within several years of launching, making it one of the largest in the nation. With the passing of Proposal 1 in 2018, Michigan became the first Midwest state to legalize adult recreational use of marijuana and is now the second-most populous state in the country to do so. The personal possession and home cultivation of marijuana became legal for Michigan adults 21 and older 10 days after the election results were certified by the Secretary of State.

Apply for the processor-handler license, found at under the “Forms” tab. One of the most recent opportunities for business development in Michigan is the passage of the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act , making Michigan the 10th state to legalize the recreational use of Marijuana. On November 1, 2019, Michigan began accepting license applications for recreational marijuana establishments. Below are a few of the principal items to consider when determining whether to pursue a license under the MRTMA. Michigan growers, processors, and dispensaries are required to be licensed by both the city and state in order to legally cultivate and process marijuana. Licensing and business requirements for growers vary from city to city.

Then explain the medicinal outcomes those terpene profiles achieve for users. You’ll adjust your proposal for every cannabis purchaser who requests one, but now is the time to get the details in order. Flowhub helps dispensaries run fast, smooth, and compliant business operations. Can your dispensary POS system handle all the unique Michigan regulations? Recreational cannabis has been legal in Michigan since late 2018.

The State is prohibited by federal law from issuing registrations or licenses created by the Act until the state plan is submitted and approved by USDA. Applicants must also demonstrate their ability to maintain adequate premises liability and casualty insurance for its proposed marihuana facility. For a Class A license, the applicants must show $150,000.00 in attested assets, with $37,500 of that being liquid. For a Class B license, the applicants must show $300,000.00 in attested assets, with $75,000.00 of that being liquid. For a Class C license, the applicants must show $500,000.00, with $125,000.00 of that being liquid. A skilled salesperson will have the people and organizational skills you need to approach dispensaries and follow up on schedule — for a fee.

Dispensaries must always allow department representatives to inspect the premises and audit books and records. If you do not cultivate your own cannabis, you can [pii_email_f6fcd4ac40522cb8a001] have up to 10 ounces of cannabis in your home, but only 2.5 ounces in your possession. Marijuana dispensaries in Michigan are called provisioning centers.

For example, if a plant moves from the “flower” room to the propagation room, you must report that movement to the MRA. During the BFS inspection, they’ll review site plans and how your business plans to prevent or reduce fire hazards. Once you’re approved for step 2, the MRA and Bureau of Fire Services will conduct separate final inspections. This also includes floor plans, plus documentation of the type of control over that property.

Additional information regarding cannabinoids and proposed per se limits is available online. The cultivation of up to 24 plants for personal use is a civil infraction with no incarceration and maximum $500 fine. The nonrefundable application fee, which must be submitted before an application will be processed, will be $6000.