The proposal was duly cleared by institute ethics committee. Informed consent was taken from all the patients before study. Patients exclusion criteria included those presenting with systemic disease, drugs consumption, pregnancy.

I’m not consistent with soaking in Borax, so mine is still fused. 😕 The bad thing is – even if it unfuses – it can fuse back together again… I believe you have to keep using Clobetasol on it to make sure it doesn’t. I was managing the Lichen Sclerosus fine with Emuaid and then ended up in the hospital with acute asthma exacerbation. I have blistering, inflammation, skin peeling and I can’t bear to have clothing on.

There is no cure; treatments focus on relieving the discomfort, and for some people, the rash will disappear on its own after months or even years. Make it a priority while you have lichen planus to spend at least 15 minutes each day, in direct sunlight — without sunscreen. So when possible, roll up your sleeves or pant legs, and expose the affected area during this period.

Your doctor may prescribe one type of topical steroid cream that contains 0.05% hydrocortisone. This medication should only be prescribed if it has been shown to help with this condition. If you use these types of steroids long term, they could cause thinning of hair growth. To that end, there is some evidence to suggest that topical testosterone cream may help relieve symptoms of lichen sclerosus. However, in a high-quality study, it was only shown to be an effective treatment for the disease in 20% of cases and caused androgenic complications in 40% of the study participants. This leads most doctors to conclude that hormone replacement therapy is not the preferred treatment for the condition.

Commonly used in conjunction with pelvic floor physiotherapy, vaginal dilators are recommended for use in the privacy of your own home to relax and stretch tight vaginal tissues. Scarring and inflammation can also cause the skin around the opening of the vagina to thicken and fuse together with the surrounding skin. This can result in pain during urination, when inserting a tampon, or while having sex. Although it is most commonly found around the genitals, LS is not a sexually transmitted disease and is not contagious.

However as with the treatment and management of any medical condition we always recommend that you discuss any treatment options with your qualified healthcare practitioner. Important advice is also available at The British Society for the Study of Vulval Disease. I combined coconut oil and baking soda into a paste, immediate relief of burning and itching. Second year of menopause, two months ago started on estrogen cream and just got Diagnosed with LS!

Treatment of lichen sclerosus often involves frequent use of an “ultra-potent” topical steroid creams like clobetasol, available only by prescription. The gold-standard medical treatment from your doctor is application of small amounts of topical corticosteroid cream. This often stops the itching within a couple of days or so. A lichen sclerosus diagnosis is confronting, but don’t worry.

Choose fruits that are lower in fructose and keep consumption to 1-2 pieces/serve per day until you are clear on your best fruits and how much you can tolerate. You will need to ensure that your vegetable consumption is high and varied to ensure vitamin and nutrient levels are not affected. You don’t want to restrict the diet unless necessary but also you don’t want to eat foods that cause inflammation – its a delicate balance.

Firstly, when used for an extended time, steroid creams are known to cause side effects like a gradual thinning of the vulvar skin. The lesions caused by lichen sclerosus usually begin as small, pinkish or whitish bumps. Over time, they become patchy, are onions good for gout wrinkly and white, often resembling tissue paper. Because the affected skin is delicate, even light itching may cause bleeding. Lichen sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that affects five to ten times as many women as men.

Properly treating the itchiness and lesions caused by lichen sclerosus often requires a combination of treatments. It’s a distressing condition that causes the affected skin to change texture and appear white and wrinkly—with tearing, pain, and itching as severity increases. Lichen sclerosus is a life-long condition for which there is no cure. If the disease progresses or is left untreated, it may cause serious, debilitating symptoms. Untreated, the skin of the vulva can scar and tighten over time, eventually leading to fusion of the labia. Complications include discomfort when urinating and passing bowel movements, as well as difficulty when giving birth.