If you start to feel uncomfortable, you can stop participating at any time by changing the temperature. The beauty of smart thermostats is that they give you complete control over your comfort. Many thermostats can also “learn” your behaviors and the comfort settings you prefer, as well as learn when you’re home or away. But how you set them up initially can determine how well they work for you.

The peak time established by PGE on July 25, 2019 was 4pm-7pm, so I programmed my thermostat to turn off my air conditioner at 4pm, and my home was still cool when I arrived home from work. In order to maximize my savings, I unplugged all the electronics in my home before leaving for work in the morning. On my next bill from PGE, I will receive a $4.36 rebate due to my participation in the peak time rebate program. This rebate represents an 11 percent reduction in my monthly energy bill. There are two ways for PGE customers to use this new energy solution, including Nest Renew Basic and Nest Renew Premium.

Pick your thermostat, answer a few questions to confirm your eligibility, and receive your coupon by email. Depending on the thermostat you select, your coupon will be for Lowe’s, Best Buy, Home Depot, GoogleStore.com, or ecobee.com. Coupons may not be transferred to or used at other retailers. Smart thermostats work with most heating systems, but not with zonal heating systems like baseboards and cadet heaters or ductless heat pumps. I love this program – it has our entire family involved. We are trying to beat our last rebate every time it comes around.

Eligible Participants who enroll in the Pilot are eligible for incentives as outlined in section 7 of these terms. There can be multiple rush hour events each summer. Rush hour events can consist of a pre-cooling period to make your home more comfortable and a period of time when your energy usage is reduced. If your home has central air conditioning, an electric forced-air furnace or ducted heat pump, your smart thermostat can help save on your bill when you enroll in PGE’s Smart Thermostat program. Don’t have a smart thermostat yet? They cost less than you think , and you can install them even if you’re renting .

Enroll in PG&E’s SmartAC Program and receive a smart thermostat at no cost1 after instant enrollment bonuses. Nest Renew is just one example of how PGE is creating new options for customers to support clean energy and paving the way to a clean energy future. SMUD also says it won’t have more than 15 peak events each season, which runs from June 1 to Sept. 30. And such events won’t last longer than four hours.

For $70 Time-of-Use rebate, customers already on a Time-of-Use rate may qualify as long as all other eligibility requirements are met. In these cases, their rate will not be changed. Remember, to earn your reward you must participate in at least half of the event hours each season you are able to participate. arushi bhatnagar There are typically 5 to 6 events each winter season with the ability to call a maximum of 15 events; events last between 1 and 4 hours. You earn $25 each summer and winter season you are able participate. You must participate in at least half of the Peak Time Event hours each season to earn the reward.

Control holiday lights with smart plugs that can be programed to turn on automatically based on the time of day or set to follow a custom schedule. The smart plugs can be connected to a smart speaker to turn the cheer on and off with a simple voice command. “Convenience is touted as the biggest advantage of smart homes, when in fact many of these devices also help reduce energy use and enhance safety especially during the holidays. We encourage customers to put one or more of these devices on their holiday list this year,” said Marlene Santos, PG&E’s Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer. Nest Renew Premium does all of that and also includes Clean Energy Match, which can match customers’ homes’ estimated fossil fuel electricity usage with renewable energy credits from U.S. wind and solar projects.

Browse all enrollment options below. You can also go to the PSE Online Marketplace and if eligible, receive your PSE $75 rebate instantly at checkout. Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats work with your existing heating system to help you keep tabs on the temperature from anywhere via a mobile app.