I’ve always liked the kind of family restaurant you sometimes find miles from the nearest town. Authorities said Kyle, an Auburn University student, was last seen at the LaGrange Moose Lodge where he bartended. They said he left the bar that night to drive back to Auburn but was never seen again. The sheriff’s office said the car was found about three miles away from what was likely Kyle’s usual route home.

Inside, they found his wallet and credit cards, along with human remains. Although it has not been confirmed, it is believed that the remains are his. It is not known if his death was accidental or the result of foul play. A man called 911 Tuesday reporting a vehicle he thought he spotted in the creek.

The authorities in the United States have found the car in which Clinkscales was last seen. His wallet, identity card and suspected skeletal remains were also found in the vehicle, which was submerged in a creek in Chambers County, Alabama. “We keep a constant watch for newspaper articles and television and radio broadcast concerning missing people and crimes. We are interested in bank robberies, drug smuggling, murders and any other sordid activity in an effort to determine if someone with Kyle’s disappearance was involved. We do not think that Kyle would be connected with such activity, but it is something that we cannot let go by without interest,” John said in the story.

In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in ksu demographics 1996, Louise said she thought about her son every day.

Kyle Wade Clinkscales’ car was pulled from a creek around Cusseta, Alabama, on Tuesday after a man called 911 to say he believed he had spotted a vehicle. Inside the car, investigators found what they think are human bones along with identification and credit cards belonging to Clinkscales, according to Sheriff James Woodruff of Troup County, Georgia. There have been many tips over the years about where the body of Kyle Clinkscales is located. But upon search from the LaGrange Police Department and GBI, nothing ever turned up. In March of 2005, Kyle’s parents, John and Louise Clinkscales, received a phone call from a source that said at the age of seven he witnessed his grandfather throwing a barrel into a pond. He told the parents that a body was covered with concrete inside the barrel.

And we carried him and put him in the shop.” Later Hyde told Jones that he’d put Kyle in the lake but that he’d eventually gone back and moved him to a place where he thought no one would ever find him. By the summer of 2021, when I moved back to the Nashville area, I’d grown bored watching these videos, but some of them still appeared in my suggestions. “So if there was a gunshot wound, you’d expect to see evidence of that from the skeletal remains,” MIttelman said. Now, the GBI is analyzing the contents of the car, including the human remains, to try to confirm if the bones found belong to Clinkscales. “Hopefully, we’ll find something, we may never know, but we are glad today. Ms. Clinkscales, his mother, died just this year in January.

On January 27, 1976, Clinkscales left the Moose Club, a bar he worked at in his hometown of LaGrange, Georgia, CBS affiliate WHNT reports. He planned to make the 35-mile drive to Auburn University in Alabama, but he never arrived. The care belonging to Kyle Clinkscales was pulled from a Chambers County, Alabama Creek. The car was transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office, the lead agency on the case. The GBI joined in and continues investigating the contents of the vehicle. Jimmy Earl Jones, 63, was arrested in April, and Jeanne Pawlak Johnson, 63, was arrested in June, according to the tipster’s information.

During the next two years I believed all kinds of stories about my mother—stories that served to explain how the mother I thought I knew could leave me and stay hidden without even letting me know she was okay. Then, when she was found dead, I didn’t know what to believe. A county investigator visited early the next morning to tell us that my mother had been scheduled the day before to come in for an interview about some money that had disappeared from a neighbor’s trailer.

Later, Hyde told a reporter that, if he needed to get rid of a body, he wouldn’t dump it in a pond less than a mile from his house. “I’d dump it off the Georgia coast, weighted down with a couple of electrical transformers where the sharks could eat it.” When he died in 2001, most of the county assumed he’d gotten away with Kyle’s murder. On the way back to the creek, I pulled into the empty gravel parking lot of a country restaurant called The Front Porch to see if anyone could confirm it was indeed the spot where Clinkscales’s car had been found. As I climbed the steps to the porch, I noticed the antique plates someone had placed in the flowerbeds as decoration. Inside I found two middle-aged women prepping for the evening shift. Before asking them any questions about Clinkscales, I complimented their restaurant.

Jones later told police that on the night Kyle vanished, he arrived at Hyde’s home and discovered Kyle’s body; he had been shot to death. Before Hyde died, he told Jones that after placing it in the pond, he went back, recovered it, and took it to an unknown location. However, Jones later made other statements to police that contradicted this one. He later pleaded guilty to making false statements and was sentenced to nine years in prison.