Casinos are often near highways, so they’re conveniently located if you’re road tripping to/from somewhere. Some may even be in neat touristy areas with local attractions that you’ll want to check out. And casino parking lots likely have cell service, so they’re a good bet if you really need to post up and get some work done for few days. But like any parking lot car camping it’s motorcycle rental san juan puerto rico not the most pleasant, so we don’t recommend this for long term stays. If you’re traveling near an airport, you should consider using an airport parking lot as a budget-friendly option. Because Walmart does not have an official overnight parking policy, it is up to the store manager or an after-hours security guard to decide whether or not to allow cars to park overnight.

There were several good posts within this discussion that talks about how to do it safely. I think most of us agree that you will seldom sleep as good as you would stretched out in a bed or tent, but it’s safe as long as you use good common sense. If you have any questions of how to do it safely, ask again. But I think you can find the answers with a thorough read-through.

I managed a gym in Minnesota and if someone came to me asking for a shower, I would charge them the day pass fee of $10. If they slipped and fell in the shower and I didn’t have a waiver and pass for them, that would not be a good day. It all depends on the attitude of who is working the desk, what their management has to say about it, if upper management is around, and how you present yourself.

Usually in out-of-the-way places with plenty of gate-free parking. Speaking as a former security officer, do your research on what types of business are in the park. If it is a bank headquarters or major software/tech company, forget about it. Security will be on you in seconds and they will move you on. You want companies where people sit at desks, file papers, and go home and the end of the day. Usually well-lit and quiet, though these locations can attract young people looking for a little mischief in their cars or on their skateboards.

No one is going to notice another car mixed in with all the cars parked at a car dealership overnight. If you slip in just after closing time and remain inconspicuous throughout the night you should be able to get some undisturbed sleep. There are many rest stops that are open 24 hours and are patrolled by security guards.

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If you park on city streets, you might get a knock from a police officer. If you’re on private property, you’ll deal with a security guard. Or you can park on private property, like in large parking lots. Sleeping on the side of the road in your car is illegal in some cities, but there are ways to get away with urban stealth camping. We’ll give you tips and ideas about where to spend the night, and a list of places you can legally camp.