What do inspirational quotes teach us about opportunity and choice? When opportunity comes knocking, get your game on and come out and play. Don’t wait for all the stars to align, or you’ll be waiting forever. The more you jump at the chance, the less you’ll regret lost opportunity.

The mind forms the mold for our creative energies to flow through, just like water flows through a pipe based on the pipe’s shape. Your life energies, thoughts, feelings, and actions flow in the same direction. You are living on purpose when what you think, say, and do is an expressing of who you truly are and serves not only yourself but the greater good. The energies of life constitute the spiritual dimension. They are a more fundamental to who we are than our minds and bodies.

Negative thoughts or a bad experience will have limited power over us if we can put them aside. In this quote he describes the importance of breaking through the walls that we maintain around ourselves when we want to live our lives more fully. The problem with most people, they don’t know what they want because they start at a very early age being programmed to think that they can’t have what they want. He understood that you not only need to formulate a vision for your life, but also for the kind of person you see yourself becoming. Consistent with the previous quote, people are afraid to follow their passion, for fear of losing safety and security.

Therefore, you must encourage and build a work culture where employees trust and respect each other. 10 famous quotes and sayings about Thrive Level you must read. Inspirational bits of wisdom to move languages spoken in amsterdam your life forward. Practical, step-by-step processes for challenging times. Which quotes do you like the most or which ones should we add to the list? Share your insights by leaving a comment below.

Strangely, though, when someone learns something and turns it to success, they stop learning. They don’t allow what they’ve learned to stimulate their imagination to bigger realms of potential. Designed for business owners, CO— is a site that connects like minds and delivers actionable insights for next-level growth. His first cartooning business went bankrupt, and his acting attempts were a failure as well. He finally found success after creating the character Mickey Mouse.

Schulze, the former president of Ritz-Carlton, describes his secret to the company’s legendary customer service—it’s really all about the employees on the ground. You can’t have customer service that exceeds expectations if you don’t have employees who are willing to do that. And one powerful way to create a top-notch customer service team is to hire the best people and then let them deliver what they think the customer needs in that moment. But on busy days, it can be easy to let your commitment to this important mission slip out of mind and off your to-do list. When that happens, it can be helpful to remind yourself and your team why you do what you do—provide a top-notch customer experience every day. Let these customer service and customer satisfaction quotes inspire and motivate you to get out there and deliver excellent customer experiences every day.

Reprogramming the autopilot takes different amounts of time for each of us. What makes it easier is focusing on “keystone habits”; when you change one of them, it makes changing other habits easier. “Keystone habits start a process that, over time, transforms everything,” Duhigg writes. You’ll have noticed that often one inspirational quote contradicts the next. That’s because it is in these paradoxes that real wisdom is born.

Batch the same kind of work and you will become much more productive. “People are like dirt. They can either nourish you and help you grow as a person or they can stunt your growth and make you wilt and die.” Negativity has a tendency to spread like wildfire, just as positivity does. It’s not easy to remain positive in a negative environment. If some people in your life have a toxic influence on you, try to stay away from them as much as possible. Your attention span is very very limited and the amount of information in the world is very very large.

A team, in my opinion, is similar to a tree that needs nourishment from time to time. To grow stronger and produce productive results. But before beginning with our list of quotes on teamwork, let’s quickly understand a few things. But sometimes big business risks do pay off. When FedEx was on the verge of bankruptcy, the company’s founder and CEO Fred Smith was denied a much needed business loan and needed to fuel their planes.

Golden is a customer experience designer who helps companies create highly loyal customers. That’s why she knows what customers look for in a business—they stay loyal to companies that meet needs and provide an easy and enjoyable customer experience. It sounds simple, but many businesses fail to do even this. And so if your company manages it, you can create not just loyal customers but new ones as well, as customers become advocates for your company.