For a cute long-haired updo look like Melissa Benoist’s, pull out a couple long strands in the front of your face to give your fringed hairstyle an extra-soft feel. With a deep side part and an eye framing fringe, this style is best described as captivating. It’s all about sleek locks, so get your strands perfectly straight with a few passes of your flat iron.

Dawson is throwing caution to the wind by sporting this rough wavy long bob complemented by the quirky bangs that end halfway down her forehead. Have your stylist cut your hair dry so you know exactly where the hair will fall after shrinkage. A diamond shaped face is widest in the center at the cheekbones. The jawline is V-shaped and the forehead is narrow. Oval-shaped faces are considered an ideal face shape for all hair styles.

All the layering and slicing should enhance natural texture. Curtain bangs and the shag go hand-in-hand; just take Jennifer Lopez’s cut by celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, for example. The stylist added long bangs to the star’s heavily layered mid-length cut to really drive the retro vibe home. Selena Gomez demonstrates why long, face-framing bangs and natural curls are a gorgeous combo. Scrunch or twist a hydrating shaping cream like Pantene’s Curl Affair Curl Shaping Cream into hair between washes for defined curls without the crunch. Trendy curtain bangs and loose waves on medium hair will complement your mysterious personality and add a romantic touch to your appearance.

How you style your bangs will depend on a few things. This mane is not only long but also thick, which might result in a bulky look. However, the feathered fringe makes the style look less heavy, while the rest of the weight is removed by layering along the whole length.

And now, we couldn’t be happier to see even more of the wispy hairstyle take over our social feeds. These face-framing bangs best protective hairstyles for sleeping add a soft and subtle touch of sultriness to your look. No one should ever shy away from a stunning curly fringe.

This will be especially noticeable if you have straight hair and a choppy cut. You can trim your bangs at home, but you may not achieve the same look. We hope to have more than proven by now that you do not need to straighten your bangs by any means. But Kat Graham’s cute, razored fringe with long ombré waves is a fun, modern take on the straight bangs/curly body contrast.

This curtain French bob is undoubtedly the epitome of all bobs that brings bangs back to the trending list. The hairstyle boasts a seductive layered shape that’ll enhance width and volume to the final look. Regardless of your hair’s length, adding width to your cheeks is never a bad idea if you have a long face. The bangs boast the ability to sweep both outer areas of your head to open up your cheekbones and add fullness. Do you have a square-shaped face and look for the best haircuts to highlight your jawline and cheeks? Perfectly If yes, this hairstyle variation was designed with just your needs.

It draws attention to your eyes and keeps your updo looking fresh. Sweep them to the side and add a little glossing serum all over to bring your look together. The process of growing bangs out can be lengthy and frustrating.

The subdued shade of blue is not ‘in your face’, which make it work appropriate, yet stylish. This simple straight long bob is low maintenance and highly functional for the multi-tasking woman that you are. The straight cut wispy bangs add a splash of youthfulness to this simple cut. There are asymmetrical bobs and then there are downright uneven cuts. This haircut falls in the latter category, but in the best way possible.